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Twelfth NightTwelfth Night   14 - 28 Nov
(The Crescent Theatre Company)

A shipwreck separates twins who begin new lives in the land of Ilyria, neither knowing the other’s fate. Disguise and deception, unrequited love and confusion set the scene for Shakespeare’s popular comedy of mischief, madness and infatuation.

Bound To SoarBound To Soar   22 & 28 Nov
(RSM Stage Academy)

RSM Stage Academy’s fifth annual showcase features all students from the academy, as well as professional performers who have toured across Europe and the UK.

The Frank Sinatra ShowThe Frank Sinatra Show   26 Nov
(The Frank Sinatra Show)

Be transported back to the 1950’s with state of the art 3D Holographic Technology with this unique live visual and auditory spectacle lead by an all star cast.

Emma-Lee Shepherd and GuestsEmma-Lee Shepherd and Guests   30 Nov
(Basement Noise)

Emma-lee Shepherd is definitely making an impression on the music industry with her open, relaxed personality, touching voice and self-assured song writing.

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