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Hobson's ChoiceHobson's Choice   11 - 25 Nov
(The Crescent Theatre Company)

Brighouse’s comedy is set in Salford, 1880, where bootmaker Henry Hobson, a pillar of local society, fond of his drink but miserly and tyrannical at home, runs a prosperous business. A widower, he steadfastly refuses to countenance the marriage of his three daughters – all of whom work unwaged in the family business. It is the determined Maggie, the eldest and ostensibly the ‘least marriageable’, who ruthlessly takes matters into her own hands – with devastating consequences for her father.

Star StormStar Storm   19 & 25 Nov
(RSM Stage Academy)

RSM Stage Academy return to the Crescent Theatre with their 2017 spectacular Showcase STAR STORM, which follows last year's highly successful showcase LIFE IS A SHOW.
Accompanying the cast of talented students are professional performers fresh from UK and European tours.

Reel Rock Tour 2017   21 Nov
(Reel Rock Tour 2017 )

An extraordinary collection of adventure and climbing films from some of the world’s best adventure filmmakers.

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