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Away From HomeAway From Home   26 Jul
(Gritty Theatre)

Kicking homophobia out of The Beautiful Game – the greatest tackle in football

Kyle is comfortable with his life as a male escort until he is hired by a premiership footballer and finds himself falling in love. But can Kyle maintain a relationship with a closeted footballer in a country where no top-flight players are out? Can he go on pretending that the homophobia endemic in the game is nothing to do with him? Does he know what a relationship means, when, for him, sex has only ever been a transaction? Does he have the balls to ever tell his friends – and his family – the truth?

The Taming of The ShrewThe Taming of The Shrew   29 Jul
(Little Arden Theatre Company)

In the smoky setting of the night club Padua, see the twists and turns of rebellion and romance unfold as sisters Katherina and Bianca face the challenges of men.

Shandaar 2016Shandaar 2016   30 - 31 Jul
(Bollywood Dreams Dance Academy)

Bollywood Dreams Dance Academy (BDDA) presents its 11th annual production. Shandaar 2016 (translated: Magnificent 2016) brings a cast of 170 students together to put on a magnificent Bollywood production celebrating the very best Bollywood hits in recent years. This year’s line-up includes pieces from Bajirao Mastani, Dilwale and Shandaar to name a few.

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