Strawberries in January scripts

Strawberries in January script

Strawberries in January

“It is such a lovely play, so uncynical. I love the way it points up that although love is a sham, it’s a very beautiful sham and we couldn’t live without it.” Rona Munro.

Reading scripts are now available for Strawberries in January but I’ve uploaded a few extracts you can download first. I’ve chosen sections which highlight each of the four characters but if you read all four extracts they should give you a feel for the whole play. Sophie, Francois and Lea are all in their twenties or thirties, old enough to be starting careers and thinking about marriage and children. Robert is about ten years older, old enough to have a failed first marriage and to be getting disillusioned in his career.

Sophie loves Francois, Francois loves Sophie and they plan to marry. But…

Francois meets a mysterious woman and the wedding is off. That mysterious woman is…

Lea who has come to Montreal looking for her old friend, Sophie, but while she’s there she is reunited with…

Robert who she met and fell in love with during a passionate one night stand.

The extracts might look a bit grainy in a web browser but if you open them in a .pdf reader they should be easier to read.

I’ll hold auditions around the beginning of July, we’ll rehearse during August and September and the performance dates are 6-13 October 2012. We don’t have many scripts so I can’t leave them in the office on free vend but if it looks interesting, contact me and I’ll get a script to you.

Andrew Cowie