Crescent Awards 2012

Last Saturday was the 2012 Crescent Awards Evening. This was a chance to celebrate what The Crescent Theatre has achieved over the last year. There have been a lot of interesting and engaging shows produced by the Theatre company. From modern character pieces such as Gabriel and The Pillowman to the American plays like American Buffalo, The Gin Game and Grand Hotel, as well as new adaptations of Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice.
Each of these shows has presented various challenges and what has been inspiring is how the directors, actors and technical crew have responded to these challenges. There has been an incredible high standard of excellence maintained throughout all the shows, something that both members and audiences have constantly commented on. The Crescent Theatre Company’s shows may be produced on an amateur basis but we have strived to reach a high professional level. It is this approach that has attracted new members and audiences to come here again and again. The challenge for the year ahead is to continue this effort and gain the theatre the recognition it deserves.