Strawberries in January

The first show this season in the Ron Barber studio will be ‘Strawberries in January’. A modern romantic comedy, it is an interesting change for the Crescent theatre company. The original play was written by Évelyne de la Chenelière, a French Canadian playwright. It was translated by Rona Munro for a new version at the Edinburgh festival in 2006 but the French influence is still there to see as it displays a sophisticated, off beat edge.
At its heart, it is a straightforward tale of 4 characters that are all connected and how they all came into each others lives. One of the central themes of the play asks the question can a friendship ever become a serious relationship. Each of the characters is a dreamer in their own way. The play explores how we think our love life will turn out and how it never goes quite according to plan. Although there is a touch of whimsy and magic in the tale, someone always brings it back to reality. As one of the characters says “I just hate schmaltz”.