Crescent Award Winners 2012

Congratulations to all the winners of the Crescent awards 2012. Below is a list of these winners as well as some comments about them.
Production Design – Colin Judges – anyone who saw the set of American Buffalo could not fail to be impressed with the attention to detail that Colin brought to the show. Each night the set was smashed to pieces and yet magically recreated for the next show.
Costume Design – Stewart Snape – considering the number of actors and costume changes required in Grand Hotel, it was credit to Stewart to maintain a level of quality, glamour and invention to each costume.
Newcomer – Hannah Parker – Hannah appeared in two plays at the Crescent theatre this year and both times brought a sense of quiet authority to her performances, particularly for her role as Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice.
Female in a supporting role – Elaine Griffin – Elaine took the difficult role of Estelle in Gabriel. An adult playing a child can always be tricky prospect and yet she brought a sense of playfulness and abandon to the part.
Male in a supporting role – Andrew Cowie – Andrew made the character of Tupolski the most sarcastic and scariest police officer you will ever likely to meet. You never knew which way he was going to turn.
Musical performance – Mark Horne – Mark took the role of Otto Kringelein and made it his own. The scene where he gets more and more drunk and sings his heart whilst straddling the bar was a joy to behold.
Female in a leading role – Tiffany Cawthorne – Tiffany‘s performance as Lesley in Alan Bennett’s Her Big chance was the first time she had acted out an entire monologue piece and she captured all the denial and naivety of her character.
Male in a leading role – Colin Simmonds – Colin brought to life the feral, scuzzy qualities of Teach and yet still managed to make him appear human even at his most desperate and violent scenes.
Best Production – Grand Hotel – An ambitious project taken on by the Crescent theatre company that was pulled off with aplomb by cast and crew.
Not forgetting of course all the awards given to all the backroom staff and volunteers that kept all the shows and theatre going throughout the year. Afterwards everybody relaxed and chilled out in the bar whilst listening to the Crescent Smooth band and reminiscing about all the great experiences and times they have had at the theatre.