A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum…The Blog!

Welcome,friends, to the official blog of this year’s Crescent musical!
The production has been graced with a very talented cast and crew, and an exceptionally dynamic directing duo in Tiff Cawthorne and Keith Harris, who have, between them, made the rehearsal process (we’re about seven weeks in) challenging (in a good way), productive and fun.
If you’re not familiar with the play, it’s 110% feel-good,high octane, slapstick fun. Double, and treble entendres take the place of the darkness and foreboding that is sometimes associated with Sondheim’s work.
Stage business has to be razor-sharp. Characterisation needs to be credible and comic-book BIG at the same time. Much laughter is had-and banter exchanged-in the rehearsal room. It’s great!
Tiff-who is also choreographing the play-has managed to turn a company of avowed non-dancers into a creditable work in progress. I usually dance with all the grace and finesse of Wreck It Ralph, but Tiff has already got even me busting a few moves (the sobriquet ‘Miracle Worker’ has been used. And not without good reason).
I’ll be posting more as rehearsals,and Keith/Tiff’s master plan,unfurls.
Between now and then,you might want to book your ticket(s)…while the going is good. Avanti!