The History Boys – the countdown begins


The countdown begins to the start of Crescent Theatre’s 2013/14 season – kicking off with Alan Bennett’s The History Boys.

This show is a bit of a baptism of fire for me, it’s my first project as PA (or anything for that matter) with the Crescent, and has been quite a transition from the university productions I’ve worked on before. All the cast and crew on The History Boys are just fantastic, and I shall miss rehearsals with this hilarious lot once the run is finished.


The cast performed the infamous french scene at the recent Crescent party to – thank goodness – huge roars of laughter. I’ve seen this scene rehearsed hundreds of times but sitting with everyone else as they saw it for the first time was just great. I stood at the back beaming with pride and chucking like mother hen over the boys, not at all as a consequence of the £1 G&Ts.

The boys and I

The boys and I

This weekend was particularly exciting for us as we all saw the set the first time. Of course, we’d seen drawings over the past few weeks and had some parts laid out for a few rehearsals, but to see the whole thing, in all it’s glory, was just amazing. Half realism, half not-so-much. It brought a new lease of energy to the cast too, being able to interact with the set and surroundings gave everyone a good boost.


And now here we are, with less than a week until the show opens. We have our last rehearsal this week for that final polish before we do our two dresses. Everyone has worked incredibly hard over the past few months and I just know it’s going to be an absolutely brilliant show, and a fantastic start to the season.

So to all the wonderful cast members, break a leg. x