A Paint-full Summer

Over the last week and a half, a plucky team of staff and volunteers have been transforming The Crescent’s largest space in readiness for our brand new season.

From the cold deep ocean-blue, the vast – some might even say cavernous – Main House Auditorium has emerged warm and welcoming; the perfect setting for an evening’s entertainment.

A project like this takes careful planning, and sometimes ingenious solutions, such as flying in one of the stage lighting bars and turning the lanterns towards the Auditorium to provide sufficient light levels for the workers, or rigging fluorescent strips and flood lights on portable lighting booms for the darker corners. A scaffold tower has been brought in to reach the ceiling and proscenium, and the team have utilised the tallescope and every ladder we could lay our hands on, as well as lots of (careful and judicious) leaning over gallery handrails and Juliet balconies to get at those tricky, awkward to reach bits.

The walls were last painted around 11 years ago, but the ceiling panels were left the original pale blue, and so have not been touched since the doors were first opened in 1998. This time the revamp has taken __litres of paint, __meters of masking tape, __meters of plastic sheeting, __dust sheets, as well as a plethora of brushes, rollers, paint trays and other paraphernalia, and of course countless (well almost) man-hours.

Many thanks must go to our team of volunteers: Michaela Butler, Vincent Clarke

Luke Clift, Chris Collett, Richard Constable, Roger Cunningham, Julie Cunningham, Toby Davis, Damian Dickens, Laura East, Will Fox, Sue Haynes, Dewi Johnson, Francis Mallon, Ian Moule, John O’Neal, Faye Rowse, Andrew Smith, Andrea Stephenson and Kristan Webb.

A special thanks to Jack Tustin for tirelessly performing death-defying feats at great height to paint the ceiling panels, and to Dave Williamson and James Booth for overseeing the project.

Zel Gurney