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Glengarry Glen Ross Ron Barber Studio

PosterBy David Mamet

1 – 11 October 2003 at 7.45pm

No Matinees

The play contains strong language.

Director's Comments

David Mamet is one of America’s leading playwrights. He’s well known for his realistic rendition of everyday speech and the obscenities contained in that language.

Yet there’s more to him than this. There’s a healthy helping of Beckett and Pinter amongst all the swearing and cursing. His characters are desperate denizens of a threatening world, a world where language can give them power but can also betray them.

"Glengarry Glen Ross" is about real estate salesmen in a cut throat sales competition. Top man gets a car, number 2 gets a set of steak knives and the rest get fired. That’s it. There’s a sub plot about a robbery and the various relationships and rivalries, but that’s the thrust.

Yet it is the lack of coherent expression of the salesmen’s plight, the image of the robbed and trashed office as critique of American consumerism and the sheer raw desperation of the men in search of the one "lead" that will put them on the sales board that makes this such a great play.

So what is this play? Art? Entertainment? An opportunity? Well let me tell you, it’s what you want it to be.

"Now listen to what I’m going to tell you now……….."

Mark Thompson, Director

Production Photographs

Patrick Bentley, Bob Carradine, Gerry Lucas and Andrew Cowie


Gerry Lucas and Geoff Poole


Rehearsal Pictures

Glengarry Glen Ross in rehearsal

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