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Granada TV Press Release

Friday 19 March - Amy's christening becomes a baptism of fire.

Liz asks Steve to give her a lift to the church. Karen (Suranne Jones) still believes that he is going to the christening and when Eileen (Sue Cleaver) innocently lets it slip that Steve (Simon Gregson) has taken Liz (Beverley Callard) to the church, Karen thinks her worst fears have come true and dashes there to confront her husband. Karen storms in guns blazing, and demands to know where Steve is, but he is not there. Tracy (Kate Ford) brazenly orders Karen to leave, but this only adds fat to the fire. Karen grabs her by the hair and screams to the shocked congregation that Tracy tried to cancel her dream wedding. Steve arrives to try and placate things, but Karen is incandescent with rage and throws a mean right hook, knocking Tracy to the floor. Karen shouts at humiliated Tracy that if she pulls any more stunts like that again she will kill her.

Sally (Sally Whittaker) meanwhile is still mad with Ken (William Roache) over the duff review and typo in the local paper. But when she reads the rag for an apology she cannot believe that the retraction is also wrong - this time naming her daughter as Rosie 'Wobster.'

In the Rovers Return, Charlie (Bill Ward) flirts with Shelley (Sally Linsday), who secretly laps up the attention. But later she gets a dressing down from Fred (John Savident) who warns her he is unhappy with her book keeping, standards of service and "constant pow-wows with the punters."

This episode of CORONATION STREET is written by Carmel Morgan, produced by Tony Wood and directed by Tracey Rooney. The executive producer is Carolyn Reynolds. It is a Granada Television production for ITV1.


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