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Murder on The Nile PosterMurder On The Nile Main House

by Agatha ChristieShe’s back, by popular demand!!

4 –18 December 2004

A honeymoon couple on board a Nile steamer come face to face with the past in the shape of an ex girl-friend, which deeply unsettles the bride. Her husband is shot at; then the bride is found murdered. It is left up to the bride's guardian, one Canon Pennyfeather, to solve the mystery and ensure that the culprit does not go free.

All this, plus the usual mix of eccentric characters, English and foreign, young and old and the inevitable twists and turns of a Christie plot.

By Arrangement with Samuel French Limited.



Murder on The Nile  Murder on The Nile

Murder on The Nile  Murder on The Nile

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