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Romeao and Juliet for all TimeRomeo and Juliet for all Time Studio

A new play by Frank Bramwell presented by Heart Productions.

30 - 31st July 2004 at 8.00pm

Tickets: £6 (£5 concessions)

The greatest love story ever told.
But it hasn't ended ~ yet.
Be there when it does.

A play where Lovers' despairs to Angels' cares are turned.

Yes, it's another intriguing production from Heart Productions, in the same vein that tantalised audiences last year with 'Time after Time'. Only this time it's not a dream. Instead it's potentially Romeo & Juliet's worst nightmare!

Join our most famous lovers as they pick up where they thought they'd left off - literally. Reunited, with the help of their very (very) 'ghostly father' Friar Laurence, they are given one 'borrowed' hour. One small hour to put right the mistakes of their earlier life - or face oblivion. Can Friar Laurence's magic save them this time round?

What follows is fascinating. Away from the tragic events of Verona, Romeo & Juliet at last have a chance to really get to know each other, to fully explore their love. The question - "Will they find true love and happiness a second time round" - is what this play is all about.

For lovers of the original tragedy, this is a unique chance to revisit the play, from a completely different angle. The words of Shakespeare are heard throughout, as the twosome are forced to relive scenes from their earlier 'lives', over and over again. In doing so the original themes and feelings are brought into sharp focus. A wonderful, touching drama for all - and a veritable feast for people who love their Shakespeare.

Catch this exciting new play directly before it opens at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Romeo and Juliet for all Time - A Most Compelling & Heartfelt Story

Box Office: 0121 643 5858
The Crescent Theatre, Sheepcote Street, Birmingham B16 8AE. Company No: 699933, Charity No: 245054