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The Eight Moon Journey

Scene By Scene

Act One

Act Two

The Voyage Out
A Lone Aboriginal Australian
Loneliness of Men
An Audition
The Authorities Discuss the Merits of the Theatre
Harry and Duckling Go Rowing
The Women Learn Their Lines
Ralph Clark Tries to Kiss His Dear Wife’s Picture
John Wisehammer and Mary Brenham Exchange Words
The First Rehearsal

Visiting Hours
His Excellency Exhorts Ralph
Harry Brewer Sees the Dead
The Aborigine Muses on the Nature of Dreams
The Second Rehearsal
The Science of Hanging
The Meaning of Plays
Duckling Makes Vows/A Love Scene
The Question of Liz

Act Two - Pre-Set

Intention: At about the time the audience are called back the actors will return to the stage, the band first and then the others in stages. They will sing a few more songs that should now begin to have a real sense of connection with the play. When the audience are seated the actor playing Liz, or at least one of the female actors, will sing a song specifically about female convicts. As the song is being sung the actors will put on manacles and chains and get into position for scene one. At this point, without a cast I have no idea as to whether the actor playing Liz will be able to sing. However, it’s not important that she can sing well as Brecht often had actors sing rather than singers act, giving a rough quality to the performance and removing the culinary aspect for the audience.

Outcome: The songs here work well as there’s a change of tone that reflects the change in tone of the second half. Also, the segue from the song ‘Convict Maid’ into the action of the second half works really well.


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