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Welsh National Opera presents

Sweetness and Badness

Words by Michael Wicherek.  Music by Will Todd

Tue 24th March 2009 at 1.30pm in the Main House

Aimed at Teenagers aged between 13 and 17, this 60 minute Chamber Opera is a dynamic and powerful, high impact performance for teenagers. It explores risk, dare, danger, adrenalin, love and jealousy and deals with issues of exclusion, violence, peer pressure and personal responsibility. Combining contemporary poetic language, a thrilling musical score and outstanding singing and acting, Sweetness and Badness promises an involving and thought provoking experience for your students.

In a wild place near the railway tunnel, overgrown, inaccessible and out-of-bounds, a young man spends most of his time. This young man, excluded and friendless, knows the terrain well. He knows the times of every express train that pounds through the tunnel at a hundred miles per hour. He knows how long it takes for each train to pass through the tunnel. It is vital he knows how long the train takes to pass through the tunnel.

Tickets: £2.50

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