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Gareth Owen Enterprises Limited (very) are proud to present the one and only

Virg Clenthills with his band Comfort of the State in Concert

Sat. 10th May 2009 at 7.30pm in the Ron Barber Studio Theatre.

The Crescent Theatre is particularly privileged to present, all the way from Tennessee, legendary Country star Virg Clenthills together with his band, Comfort of the State.

Virg ClenthillWhat is it that makes Virg’s songs so distinctive?

Well, if you’ve ever woken up blear-eyed and lonesome in a soiled and empty bed some cold, grey morning; the odour of cheap perfume still clinging kinda rancid to your soul; a broken heart in one hand and an empty bourbon bottle in the other – Virg was writing with just you in mind.

As the great George Jones once said of Virg’s music:

‘That’s it, hombre. That’s Country. You don’t go any further down that road ’lessn you die.’ 

‘Musical open-heart surgery’ – The Lancet

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