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Audience Feedback

Excellent production, very moving and very funny. Standing Ovation at the end of the performance! The cast did a fantastic job, I saw Calendar Girls in the West End and loved the Crescent Theatre version just as much.


This was a fantastic show to see and if you have a chance, go and see it. The acting was of a very high standard considering that these actors are not professional and instilled a realism into the play. The play has such poignant moments that after a good laugh, the true message is spelt out. The ending almost had me in tears with the women back up on the hill with 6 feet sunflowers swaying in the wind in the background.

If you want to play I-spy, (I was surprised by the attention to detail in parts of the stage). a) If you can see the notice board, then I am sure that the picture in one of the notices that is of a building that relates to the WVS. b) Someone has a sense of humour by adding a damp patch on the apex of the hall wall by the window. c)The floor looks as if it has been cleaned so much that the old polish is comming off!

Can anyone who visits the show have a good look around the set and see if there are any other hidden gems and let us all know.  (Wouldn't be surprised if one of the sunflowers does not have a face on it, but as there was so many to look at in such a short time, it was impossible to check them all out)

Overall, The Crescent Theatre has put on a first class show and [I] must recommend everyone who has the time this week to go and see it.


What a great production! This non professional company deliver a performance of professional quality,full of heart,soul,and no small amount of panache. The casting is impeccable;the performances are naturalistic and nuanced. A real gem. Catch this show if you can. It's worth seeing twice.


An excellent production, very tastefully done, friendly welcome, good seating. An excellent performance.


Fantastic show, tastefully done. Did justice to the film, funny with poignant moments.
Loved the way the nude shots were done. Sunflowers at the end were a good touch.
Great acting, amusing, believable. Just a fab show, well done!


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