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The Crescent Theatre Company presents

The Crucible

by Arthur Miller

Sat 25 Feb - Sat 3 March 2012 in The Main House
25th & 28th - 3rd at 7.30pm, no performance Mon 27th
Matinees: Sun 26th and Sat 3rd at 2.30pm

[image]Miller's magnificent and horrifying dramatisation of the witch trials that tore apart Salem in 1692 is also a terrifying mirror to any society that allows fear, prejudice and greed to replace sense, logic and humanity.

A modern classic.

Tickets: £14.00 (£13.00 concessions) 
Gallery seats (restricted view): £10.00 
Sun Matinee: £7.00 (all seats)


Audience comments

I thought the production was absolutely fantastic, extremely professional from the set down to every single actors performance. I never really liked the crucible before this, however your production changed my outlook on the play entirely. Proctor's downfall was particularly heart-wrenching, a very well done to the actor playing him.

(No name given)

Great first impressions of theatre not having been before. Very welcoming staff. Production was very well put together and the commitment and performances of the cast ensured a very entertaining evening.

Performances in the last two acts in particular were very strong. The background set was imaginatively used and the hymn singing was an excellent supporting addition to the narrative.


Both the production, and the theatre itself, exude such professionalism, it's hard to believe that it is not a professional organisation.  Being a fan of all things theatrical, I have been to many professional productions and I would say that the standard of the staging and the acting was up there amongst some of the best I've seen.  Well done to everyone involved.

I wouldn't like to pick out anything in particular because the whole show was superb.  It had me gripped from beginning to end - even though I know the story very well, I always judge how engaged I am by how much I fidget in my seat, and I didn't wriggle at all!  I've already recommended it to friends.


We were blown away by the truthfulness of each character; incredibly moved. Hard to [believe] this was not a professional production. Excellent!


I couldn't agree more with the comment from E.N, My sister and myself were gripped, I never took my eyes off the whole performance, we were engrossed, the acting was superb. I have been to a few Performances now at the Crescent, I love it there, I love the intimacy of the Theatre.

J. J.

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The Crescent Theatre, Sheepcote Street, Birmingham B16 8AE. Company No: 699933, Charity No: 245054