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Stage2 presents

Picasso's Women - Part 2 1927 - 1973

by Brian McAvera

18th, 20th and 21st Jan 2012 in The Ron Barber Studio
18th & 20th at 7.45pm, 21st at 2.45pm

This show is not suitable for young children.

Part 2 - Marie-Thérèse, Dora,Françoise and Jacqueline

"I must admit they didn't really bowl me over. I kept telling him 'But they don't look like me Pablo.' " Schoolgirl Marie-Thérèse Walter, Picasso's longest-lasting lover, singularly unimpressed by his portraits.

"Appalling accent, twisted grammar; but why should he care when everyone hung upon his every word, seeking complexity where none existed." So spoke Dora Maar committed to, and eventually by, Picasso.

"Picasso loathes any public divulgence of his private views." Observed Françoise Gilot who published Life with Picasso - later brought to an even larger audience as the film Surviving Picasso.

"First one decides what is wanted. Then one decides how to get it." The words of Jacqueline Roque, but the motto of her husband of twelve years, Pablo Picasso.

Performance in Rep Part I, 1904 - 1927 Tue 17, Thu 19 and Sat 21 (all 7.45pm)
Fernande, Eva, Gaby, Olga
Part 2, 1927 - 1973 Wed 18, Fri 20 (7.45pm) and Sat 21 (2pm)
Marie-Thérèse, Dora, Françoise, Jacqueline

In Rep with Part 1 - Fernande, Eva, Gaby and Olga

Tickets: £9.00
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Box Office: 0121 643 5858
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