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The Seagull by Anton Chekhov

Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull is often heralded as one of the great plays about writing, but more than that, it is a play about unrequited love, family, ambition, and our ability to be cruel to those we love.

Summering on Pyotr Sorin’s country estate the romantic and artistic conflicts of a group of Russian intelligentsia and socialites come to a head as long held bitterness and unrequited love surfaces.

Striving to create new dramatic forms, Konstantin Treplev, a young writer, stages an ambitious play for his gathered friends and family, only to be humiliated by the polarised reactions from his mother, her lover (a famous novelist), and his lead actress. This disappointment leads to an unsuccessful suicide attempt, the fracturing of young love, and the violent death of a Seagull.


  • –  Saturday 17th November 2018 – 19:00-22:00, Rehearsal Room
  • –  Saturday 24th November 2018 – 19:30-22:00, Rehearsal Room
  • –  Call backs (if necessary) – Sunday 25th November, 10:30-14:00, Rehearsal RoomAUDITION PROCESSAuditions will begin at the advertised time with a chance to meet the director and production crew, as well as a brief familiarisation of the play and the direction the production will be taking it in.

    Following this, you will then be invited to perform an extract from the play.

    Those auditioning for the roles of Treplev, Trigorin, Nina, and Arkadina will be asked to read a solo extract from the play (provided on this page), before being paired up to perform another extract. Those auditioning for all other roles will be asked to work with another actor or small group of actors to read another short extract featuring those characters (provided at the audition).

  • Click on the links below for the relevant audition pieces:
  • NINA
  • ARKADINAThere are 13 roles on offer for this production, ranging from in-depth lead roles with many lines, to smaller roles and non-speaking parts. As you will be able to gather from the characters descriptions below, each character has an important place within the play. Chekhov is careful to give each character their moment to shine and importance within the tapestry of the plot.CHARACTERS

    TREPLEV, 18-30, male – Konstantin Gavrilovich Treplev is a writer of ambitious plays. Undermined, neurotic, insecure, and prone to acting out, his intensity makes his relationships suffer, especially those with his mother Arkadina, and his love, Nina.

    ARKADINA, 35-50, female – Arkadina is Treplev’s mother and Trigorin’s lover. She is an actress, obsessed with youth. Capricious and conflicted, she loves her son deeply, but disdains him too. Those around her seek her approval. She is the self-demanding centre of all attention.

TRIGORIN, 30-40, male – Boris Trigorin is Arkadina’s lover. He is a famous and popular writer. Despite public opinion about his work, he is conflicted – his work brings him acclaim, but it does not excite him.

NINA, 18-25, female – A young actress from the countryside. Talented, and ambitious, but impressionable, and naive.

SORIN, 50-70, male – The owner of the estate in which the play is set. Arkadina’s brother, Treplev’s uncle. Gentle and understanding. Regrets the simple life he has led.

MASHA, 18-30, female – Daughter of Shamrayev. She longs to be with Treplev and is one of only a few who truly appreciates his work. Smart, funny, deeply unhappy. Her vices are alcohol and snuff.

SHAMRAYEV, 40-60, male – Lieutenant and Manager of Sorin’s estate. Pompous and opinionated, especially about theatre. Exerts his power where he can – like restricting the usage of the estates horses.

POLINA, 35-50, female – Shamrayev’s wife. She is having an affair with Dorn. Fiercely jealous of any woman Dorn shows interest in. Sees a lot of her younger self in her daughter Masha.

DORN, 50-70, male – A doctor. Popular and easy-going. Handsome, has always been successful with women. Likely Masha’s real father.

MEDVEDENKO, 20-40, male – A teacher. Professes love for Masha, which she does not return. Obsessed with his station in life, believing his lack of wealth to be the cause of all his problems.

YAKOV, male – A workman on Sorin’s estate. COOK, male


Rehearsals will begin on Friday 30th November and will mostly take place on Friday, Monday, and Tuesday evenings (with some exceptions due to scheduling conflicts).

Due to the size of the cast, you may not be called for every rehearsal listed, however as we get closer to technical week, it is likely that the whole cast will be called to most rehearsals.

Technical week starts on Sunday 27th January, and the show runs from Saturday 2nd February to Saturday 9th February in the Crescent Theatre Main House.

If you have any questions before the auditions, please feel free to get in touch via email at

I hope to see you at the auditions! Andrew Brooks (Director, The Seagull)