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Non-members are welcome but please read the notes on this page.

The Board has decided that if a member has not done any duties in their calendar year of membership they will not be considered for casting in a production until they sign up and complete at least three duties.  Before you audition please make sure you have completed your duties or you will not be considered for this production.

All members must do a minimum of 3 duties within a four-month period.  New Members should do a minimum of three duties before the run of any production they are cast in…if you are considering reading for a production and you have not fulfilled your quota of duties at the time of auditioning, then it is very likely you may not be considered by the director for casting. 



Devilishly handsome men and outrageously beautiful women needed to recreate the ‘Roaring Twenties’ for the opening production of the new season. Flapper dresses, cloche hats and bobbed hair for the ladies, sharp suits and short back and sides for the men. The Charleston, the Black Bottom, cocktails, champagne and bathtub gin, life is one long party. You know you want to be there!

Auditions will take place:
MONDAY 26th JUNE  at 7.30pm
TUESDAY 27th JUNE  at 7.30pm
Call backs (if necessary) THURSDAY 29th JUNE  at 7.30pm
There is no need to prepare an audition piece.
If you are unable to make these dates please contact me on (0121) 778 5148 or 07902 217 720 or e-mail to make a special arrangement.

Nick Caraway – leading character and narrator – mid 20s or early 30s
Daisy Buchanan – Nick’s cousin – mid to late 20s
Tom Buchanan – Daisy’s husband – late 20s or early 30s
Jordan Baker – a professional lady golfer – early 20s
George Wilson – a garage owner early 30s
Myrtle Wilson – George’s wife and Tom’s lover – late 20s or early 30s
Jay Gatsby – the enigmatic man of the title – 30ish
In addition, I would like four actors (2m 2f any age) to play several small speaking parts as well as being extra party guests, waiters, waitresses etc.
The play is set in Long Island and New York City in summer 1922
The episodic nature of the play means there is the possibility of some flexibility in the rehearsal schedule to accommodate holidays.
The production runs from SATURDAY 9th till SATURDAY 16th SEPTEMBER

Colin Judges (Director)



SKYLIGHT by David Hare



David Hare’s witty, poignant and deeply political play sees Kyra Hollis, a struggling but committed schoolteacher in London’s East End, visited unexpectedly in her cold and shabby flat by two figures from her past: first by Edward Sergeant, then by his father, Tom. Tom, now widowed, is a hugely successful restaurateur and self-made businessman – and Kyra’s former lover. As the evening progresses, the two duel over pasta, politics and possession, while attempting to understand the passions that both drive them apart and bring them together.






Call-backs (if necessary) on FRIDAY 21st JULY in the REHEARSAL ROOM at 7.30pm



Please familiarise yourself with the extracts contained in the ‘Skylight – Audition Pieces’ document which can be found by clicking here:  Skylight – Audition Pieces

There are two short speeches and one dialogue for each of Kyra and Tom, and one dialogue for Edward. There is no need to learn any of these pieces.



Kyra Hollis (late 20s – early 30s)

A Mathematics teacher at a comprehensive school in East London. She is spirited, acerbic, and utterly dedicated to the disadvantaged students in her care. Underneath this outer determination however, lies an affectionate and loving soul.

Tom Sergeant (mid 40s – mid 50s)

A charismatic, expensively-dressed restaurateur who believes, unwaveringly, in the power of business. His suave exterior betrays his inner turmoil at dealing with the death of his wife and the continuing fallout from his six-year affair with Kyra being brought to light.

Edward Sergeant (18-19)

Tom’s wayward, gap-year-aholic son. Edward’s world has been shaken beyond belief by upheavals totally out of his control. His visit to Kyra is an attempt to shine a light on some of these schisms.



Rehearsals will start on July 30th and will take place on Sunday afternoons, Wednesday evenings, and Friday evenings.

Technical week starts on September 24th, and the show runs from September 30th – October 7th.


If you have any queries before the auditions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

I hope to see you at the auditions.
Mark Payne (Director, Skylight)