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Saturday, Sunday, Monday

by Eduardo de Filippo


This magnificent play had its British premier at the National Theatre late in 1973 and received universal critical acclaim. The distinguished cast included Laurence Olivier as Antonio and Joan Plowright as Rosa. The play was directed by Franco Zeffirelli.

At first sight a typical picture of Italian family life with characteristic displays of Mediterranean temper, the play concerns the relationship between a man and a woman after years of married life. A monumental family row begins to brew on Saturday night while the Sunday ragu is being prepared in the kitchen. The row breaks on Sunday, the traditional day for family quarrels, and is finally and touchingly resolved on Monday.

“Seething with life, hilariously funny, rich and nutty as a fruitcake … Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall’s adaptation shows a touching understanding not of Italians merely, but of the comic, complex predicaments of family life everywhere.”   John Barber, Daily Telegraph

“An experience that surely enhances the quality of the lives of those who see it, and which provides, as great art does, that secret well of joy at which we can drink forever.”   Bernard Levin, The Times

“What survives, and places the show among the finest as well as the funniest in London, is a humanity and generosity comparable to that radiated by de Filippo’s own troupe.”   Robert Cushman, The Observer 

I am delighted to be directing this wonderful play which will run from 1st to 8th of July in the Ron Barber Studio. I require 17 actors, and hope to knit together a tight ensemble of generous and fearless performers! We will be setting the play not in Italy itself, but in ‘Little Italy’ in New York. Appropriate accents will be required. The year will be 1959, the same year it was written and first performed in Rome.


Final Auditions: Tuesday 25th April

 The first rehearsal will be on Tuesday 2nd of May, and thereafter (with just one exception) a regular pattern will follow of Tuesday and Friday evenings, and Sunday mornings. A full list of rehearsal dates will be provided at the auditions. It is very important that you provide at the auditions a complete list of any days you would be unable to attend rehearsals due to previous commitments. If I cast you, I will not appreciate unexpected surprises which will force me to reorganise the rehearsal schedule!

I do not expect many of you to know this play, or even to have heard of it! I have a fondness for reviving plays which were once highly regarded, but have since largely vanished from our theatres – something the Crescent has indulged me with on previous occasions! This play is worth your attention. A classical three-acter, beautifully constructed, it fizzes with drama and energy, joy and pathos, delivered by a large cast of well-drawn characters. There will be a brief familiarisation before each audition – I look forward to seeing you there!

Please CLICK HERE for a copy of the cast list and further information

The auditions will consist of readings from the play, and extracts from the text will be provided on the day. You can get a taste of the play by visiting the following link to Samuel French’s website which provides a free preview of the first 20 pages of the play – about half of Act One.

Colin Simmonds (Director)