List by date Past productions

Production Venue Dates Company
Macbeth Main House 27 - 30 Mar All & Sundry
Collaboration Studio 30 Mar - 6 Apr The Crescent Theatre Company
The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe Main House 4 - 6 Apr Midland Theatre Ballet
Music Hall Tavern Main House 7 Apr Music Hall Tavern
Genesis in Concert Main House 13 Apr The Book Of Genesis
Wildvixen's Legends Challenge Extravaganza! Main House 20 Apr Wildvixen Burlesque
The Elvis Presley Songbook Bar 22 Apr MHM Entertainment
Swan Lake Main House 25 Apr Ballet Theatre UK
Painting Clouds Studio 26 - 28 Apr Lilli Lehmann
The George Michael Story Main House 26 Apr Reveal Media Promotions
Ballet Central Main House 27 Apr Ballet Central
British International Amateur Film Festival 2019 Main House 28 Apr The Institute of Amateur Cinematographers Ltd
Woyzeck Studio 2 - 3 May Newman University
Dolly & The Moonshine Runners Main House 3 May Dolly & The Moonshine Runners
Oliver Main House 7 - 11 May Bournville Musical Theatre Company
Constellations Studio 11 - 18 May The Crescent Theatre Company
Made In Motown Main House 18 May Made In Motown
Space Cowboy - A Tribute to Jamiroquai Studio 24 May SilverSpider Productions
Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonsense Studio 29 May - 1 Jun Andrew Corcoran Productions
Monty Python's SPAMALOT Main House 1 - 8 Jun The Crescent Theatre Company
A Midsummer Night's Dream Studio 8 - 15 Jun The Crescent Theatre Company
Crescent Unplugged 18/19 Bar 10 Jun Crescent Unplugged
The Secret Lives of Henry and Alice Main House 13 Jun Flying Ducks Producktions
Margot Fonteyn Centenery Celebration Main House 14 Jun Ballet Theatre UK
Beats On Pointe Main House 17 Jun Masters of Choreography
Mansfield Park Studio 20 - 22 Jun The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire
Razzamataz Sutton Coldfield Shows 1 & 2 Main House 22 Jun Razzamataz Sutton Coldfield
This Is Me Main House 28 - 29 Jun Timmins Academy
A Midsummer Night's Dream @ Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens 29 & 30 Jun The Crescent Theatre Company
Razzamataz Sutton Coldfield Shows 3 & 4 Main House 30 Jun Razzamataz Sutton Coldfield
A Midsummer Night's Dream @ Blakesley Hall Blakesley Hall 6 & 7 Jul The Crescent Theatre Company
This Happy Breed Studio 6 - 13 Jul The Crescent Theatre Company
A Midsummer Night's Dream @ Selly Manor Selly Manor 10 & 11 Jul The Crescent Theatre Company
A Midsummer Night's Dream @ Harvington Hall Harvington Hall 13 & 14 Jul The Crescent Theatre Company
Alice in Wonderland Studio 17 - 20 Jul Stage2
Danceworks 10 Year Anniversary Showcase Main House 20 & 21 Jul ELB Workshops Ltd
The Rat Pack Main House 26 Jul The Rat Pack
Mera Wala Dance Main House 27 - 28 Jul Bollywood Dreams Dance Academy
Every Child is an Artist Bar 29 Jul Adanna Lee Designs
The ELO Encounter Main House 3 Aug The ELO Encounter
Treasure Island Studio 21 Aug Little Arden Theatre Company
BNBF Midlands Championships Main House 25 Aug British Natural Bodybuilding Federation
Jekyll & Hyde Main House 11 - 14 Sep Andrew Corcoran Productions Ltd
Jive Talkin' Perform The Bee Gees Main House 20 Sep Uk Theatre Shows
Ocean Film Festival World Tour Main House 25 Sep Snowline Media Ltd
Don't Stop Tribute to Fleetwood Mac Studio 28 Sep Don't Stop
Tasha Leaper as Madonna Main House 1 Nov Tasha Leaper
Spooktacular Main House 2 & 3 Nov Aimee Louise School of Dance
Poppyfields The Musical Main House 7 - 10 Nov Dreamworks Productions
Stageworks 10 Year Celebration Main House 16 & 17 Nov Stageworks Academy
Gerry Colvin Band Main House 23 Nov Gerry Colvin
A Christmas Carol Main House 3 - 14 Dec The Crescent Theatre Company
A Christmas Wassail 2019 @ Hartlebury Castle Hartlebury Castle 14 Dec The Crescent Theatre Company
A Christmas Wassail 2019 Main House 15 - 17 Dec The Crescent Theatre Company
The Floyd Effect Main House 22 Feb Sandarac (Productions) Ltd

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