The Crescent Theatre


Once the season is announced, potential directors make themselves known to the Arts Manager, who will decide who is to direct each of the productions. The Crescent is fortunate in already having a number of excellent directors, but there are opportunities for first-time directors to take on small-scale productions in the Studio, gradually progressing with experience and confidence to the Main House.

Directing is not a task to be taken on lightly as it obviously involves a considerable commitment of time, effort and emotion for several months. Directors must not only have the artistic vision for the production but must also have the ability to manage people well and be able to express their ideas in such a way that the designer, actors and technical crew are able to put these ideas into practice.

In a large-scale production, such as a musical, the director will work alongside specialists such as a Musical Director, Choreographer or Fight Director who will take responsibility for particular aspects of the piece.


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