The Crescent Theatre

Production Assistants

The Production Assistant has the important role of liaising with all members involved in a production - the director, cast, technical crew, wardrobe and so on. P.A.s are the link throughout the rehearsal period and the run of the play, keeping a list of everyone involved, marking moves on the prompt script, noting down quick changes and props, and prompting at performances.

The PA is often more involved in a production than anyone else as they are present from the auditions, attending all rehearsals, Technical and Dress Rehearsals, right through to the last night performance. For this reason it is often a good introduction to the theatre for new members, working with an experienced PA, giving them the chance to get to know several people from the beginning, actors as well as technicians.

A good PA ensures the smooth running of a production, making sure that everyone is in the right place at the right time. It is a demanding role, not to be undertaken lightly, but can be very enjoyable and rewarding.


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