The Crescent Theatre


Main House Mixing DeskThis section provides all of the director’s requirements that have any association with the production of sound. This usually consists of music before the show and during the interval, plus any music and sound effects required during the action of the play.

For musical productions the section provides sound reinforcement, generally in the form of strategically placed microphones to enhance the singing voices. Radio microphones are also used to amplify lead characters that cannot be picked up by static mikes.

Soundcraft K3 Sound deskThe main equipment used consists of professional standard CD-players, mini-disc and even reel to reel tape and cassette recorders, PC based playout systems and numerous microphone and auxiliary circuits all of which are connected into a 32 channel Soundcraft mixing desk. The outputs from the mixing desk are connected to ten power amplifiers and on to loudspeakers around the auditorium, some of which are in permanent positions while others are more mobile and can be placed in specific positions on the set.

The Studio Theatre is also well equipped with a 24 channel mixing desk, PC, minidisc, CD and cassette players.


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