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Sorting outCostume and Wardrobe Hire

Everything worn by actors on stage is the costume designer’s responsibility, even if the clothes are contemporary. Usually one costume designer is appointed for each production and then, if necessary, the designer gathers a team around them in order to produce the required costumes.

Final touchesFollowing discussions with the director and designer on how the production will look and what costumes are required. the costume designer will assess whether items are already available from the thousands held in the Crescent Wardrobe, by hiring from outside companies or must be specially made. After casting the costume designer will attend some rehearsals, maintaining close contact with the director, and the wardrobe team will carry out fittings and alterations. Everything, including all accessories, must be assembled in time for the technical rehearsal. This is the first time that the actors will wear their costumes on stage so the designer must be on hand to resolve problems or carry out minor changes. Finally the costume designer will attend the two dress rehearsals to make sure that the clothes look right and that the actors know what they should be wearing and when and are confident and happy with what they are wearing.


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