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Monteverdi: Madrigals of War and Love (Staged)

Royal Birmingham Conservatoire presents

Monteverdi: Madrigals of War and Love (Staged)

14 - 16 Jun in the Studio

With spell-binding intimacy, Father of Opera and Archetypal Troubadour - Claudio Monteverdi - spins epic tales of conquered hearts and lovelorn battlefields. Iconic madrigals like Lamento della Ninfa and Tancredi e Clorinda weave together with lesser known gems to create an Ariadne’s Thread of breath-taking music and compelling drama that traces a path to the core of what it is to love, fight, lose and overcome.

Conductor Jeffrey Skidmore
Director Matthew Sharp
Vocalists from Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

Tickets: £16 (concessions: £13)

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