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Unplugged Night - Winter Season 14

The Crescent Theatre Company presents

Unplugged Night - Winter Season 14

10 Feb in the Bar at 7.30pm

The Crescent Unplugged is a fun evening featuring acoustic music of all types and styles including folk, pop, jazz, rock 'n' roll, soul and even light classical.

As well as Theatre members strutting their their stuff, the 'Crescent Unplugged' attracts some of the best acoustic musicians and singers in the Midlands as guest performers who are keen to showcase their talents to an appreciative audience. A cornucopia of acoustic instruments is always in evidence including guitars of all kinds, mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, fiddles, guitaleles, percussion, harmonicas, concertinas, period instruments, piano and many more.

This event takes place in the pleasant surroundings of the Crescent Bar and is totally free to all. A memorable evening of music is guaranteed but come early if you want a seat as this event has grown in popularity since it began some 5 years ago and the bar is usually packed to capacity. There are three 'Unplugged s' every year.

Join us for our next Unplugged on Monday 9th June in the Bar at 7.30pm

Tickets: FREE with collection on the door.

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