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Claire Dowie Double Bill

Stage2 presents

Claire Dowie Double Bill

'Arsehammers' & 'Adult Child / Dead Child'

by Claire Dowie

10 - 13 Jan in the Studio

Stage2 have special permission from world-renowned author, practitioner & performer Claire Dowie, to present two of her monologues as full-cast one act plays, blasting the text apart for ensembles of young people.

‘I am always impressed by Stage2’s productions and look forward to their imaginative staging of my work. They are a brilliant company and I am very proud to be their Patron.’
Claire Dowie


World Premiered as a full cast piece in 2011 by Stage2 and published by Methuen/Bloomsbury in the compilation Upfront Theatre.

A young child mishears his parents discussing his Grandad’s Alzheimer’s in whispered voices. Going off on a flight of fancy, the child imagines his Grandad as a Superhero with special magic powers. The theories all seem to fit in with Grandad’s true predicament – he keeps disappearing (to fight secret battles) and he goes to get looked after by experts (who could invent special devices for him, like for James Bond). The set is a game of snakes and ladders, the music is upbeat big band, and the scenes are joyous (with moments of inevitable sadness).

Adult Child/Dead Child

First performed by a small group from Stage2 (directed by James Yarker of Stan’s Café) at The Edinburgh Fringe in 1999 to superlative reviews, the company then revived the piece in 2006 with a cast of over 100. Now, for 2018 Stage2 present a brand new, abridged version in The Crescent Studio.

It is a cautionary tale about how trivial misunderstandings between parents and child can escalate and eventually unravel a young mind. Favoured siblings, imaginary friends, bullies, teachers and social workers collide and clash as the pressure becomes intolerable. Adolescent psychiatric conditions can be a small step away from typical teenage behaviour and it is a dangerous bridge between childhood and adulthood at the best of times. There are knife edges in us all – tussles in our subconscious which teeter precariously between conscience and compelling urges. We all receive different levels of understanding and support.

Tickets: £10.50

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