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And Then There Were None3 - 10 Mar

And Then There Were None

Adapted by Christie from one of her darkest novels, the play tells how ten strangers are tricked into visiting a remote island off the South coast of England. Each has a secret to hide; each is marked for murder. The weather turns and the group is cut off from the mainland, even by telephone. One by one, each is murdered in a manner suggested by the lines of a sinister nursery rhyme.

12 Mar & 25 Jun

Crescent Unplugged 2017/2018

A lively evening of acoustic music of all types and styles including folk, pop, jazz, rock 'n' roll, soul and even light classical.

Our Country's Good14 - 17 Mar

Our Country's Good

Timberlake Wertenbaker’s disturbing, yet profoundly humane, humorous and uplifting play, is set in Botany Bay, Australia, 1789. It deals with true events surrounding a young marine officer’s struggle to stage a play with a group of transported convicts - including a leading lady who may be about to be hanged!
Is brutality and degradation the only way? Or might the civilising nature of theatre be more effective than the noose?

Stones In His Pockets31 Mar - 7 Apr

Stones In His Pockets

With two actors playing all thirteen roles, this highly amusing, poignant tragicomedy, tells through the eyes of two locals hired as extras, how a quiet rural Irish community is turned upside-down by the arrival of a Hollywood film crew. The crew’s preconceived romantic notion of Ireland differs hugely from reality; and for some in the community, their presence proves devastating.

The Thrill Of Love28 Apr - 5 May

The Thrill Of Love

Confessing to the crime, yet refusing to offer defence or mitigation, Ruth Ellis was convicted of the murder of her lover and became the last woman to be hanged in Britain.

In this heart-wrenching play, Amanda Whittington looks at Ellis’ life through the eyes of three women - friends and colleagues in the seedy world of London night-clubs – as she pursues a fatally destructive relationship.

Heroes12 - 19 May


Stoppard’s superb translation of this highly amusing, deeply touching play sees three rather eccentric World War I veterans (and a stone dog) passing their days on a terrace of a French military hospital, run by nuns.

As they while away their hours, engaging in verbal duels, malicious gossip, wishful thinking and sad sexual fantasies, they eventually concoct a plan to escape!

Urinetown - The Musical26 May - 2 Jun

Urinetown - The Musical

A sidesplitting sendup of greed, love, revolution (and musicals!), in a time when water is worth its weight in gold.

Equus30 Jun - 7 Jul


Seventeen year old Alan Strang, a passionate and obsessive horse-lover, has blinded six horses and is brought to psychiatrist Dr Martin Dysart for treatment.
Through a series of interviews the play explores themes of passion, sex, religion and sanity to produce a taut, thrilling, psychological ‘detective’ story.

Visiting Companies

Handsworth Gang Show 201820 - 24 Feb

Tame Valley Scouts & Perry Bar Guides

Handsworth Gang Show 2018

Tame Valley Scout District joins with Perry Barr Guide Division to bring to you another of their extremely popular, Gang Shows.
With music and dance chosen from the twenties right up until the present day, the Gang Show showcases great singing and acting performed with energy and enthusiasm by the 100-strong cast.
This year’s show has definitely moved with the times and yet still remains firmly in the Gang Show spirit.

Farmer Michael & Kathleen Live in Birmingham25 Feb

Farmer Michael (Stevo Timothy)

Farmer Michael & Kathleen Live in Birmingham

Ireland's most infamous couple live on stage doing what they do best!

With support from celebrity impressionist Shane Cunningham, Johnny Graham and Paul David Murphy!

Nazanin's Story2 Mar

Howell Productions

Nazanin's Story

Nazanin's Story, described as “political theatre at its best" tells the true and ongoing struggle Nazanin Ratcliffe and her family face after Nazanin and her baby daughter were taken in Tehran in 2016. Since that time Nazanin has faced horrors we can only imagine and is suffering thanks to the behaviour of not one government but two. Called a “must-see show”, The Independent awarded it 4 stars and dubbed it as “entertaining and inspiring”. This is a play that is constantly being updated as Nazanin’s story unfolds so you never see the same show twice.

Electra14 - 17 Mar

Royal Birmingham Conservatoire Theatre Company


Lust, vengeance and murder entwine as the opposing values of justice and expediency collide in this masterpiece Greek tragedy.
Electra’s hatred for her mother and her all-consuming desire for revenge bring about destructive changes in her psyche leading to her degradation and ultimate dishonor on the very principle of justice by which she claims to be motivated.

Raving21 - 24 Mar

Royal Birmingham Conservatoire Theatre Company


Briony and Keith are not finding parenthood easy. Their successful friends, Ross and Rosy, engineer a relaxing weekend away in Wales: intelligent adult company, good food and drink, complete rest – and absolutely no children.
But making up the numbers are the unpredictable Charles and Serena. Add an uninvited anarchic adolescent and a fanatical farmer and Briony and Keith’s idyllic weekend erupts into total chaos…

Prayer Room21 - 24 Mar

Royal Birmingham Conservatoire Theatre Company

Prayer Room

Part situation comedy, part allegory, Prayer Room moves from nervy humour to climactic violence.
Set in the bland, non-denominational prayer room of a present-day British University, Jews, Christians and Muslim students all have specific days when they can use it.
However, tension grows when the Jews demand more time, and the Muslims find themselves deprived of their regular Friday slot and the Christians are trying to take a back-seat and let the other two fight it out.
Prayer Room was commissioned by the Edinburgh International Festival and premiered at the Royal Lyceum Theatre in a co-production with the Birmingham Repertory Theatre in August 2005.

Doreen - The Rise of the Yam-Yam26 Mar

Flying Ducks Ltd

Doreen - The Rise of the Yam-Yam

SHE'S BACK FOR A THIRD PERFORMANCE DUE TO EVEN MORE POPULAR DEMAND! It’s been a big year for Doreen. Voted Midlands Entertainment Personality of the Year by What’s On readers, and then crowned Best Newcomer at the recent Great British Panto Awards in London, Doreen now returns to unveil her brandnew live show.

Ballet Central6 Apr

Ballet Central

Ballet Central

With a chance to see the rising stars in dance theatre, Ballet Central returns with a brand new programme showcasing the best in international dance.

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