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Henry V29 Oct - 5 Nov

Henry V

Henry IV is dead; the wild, undisciplined Hal has been crowned Henry V. Shakespeare’s epic History tells how the young Henry now takes on the burden of kingship – to overcome domestic treachery, invade France, defeat the French at Agincourt and woo Princess Katherine to unite the two countries through marriage.

Crescent Unplugged - Autumn 20167 Nov

Crescent Unplugged - Autumn 2016

A lively evening of acoustic music of all types and styles including folk, pop, jazz, rock 'n' roll, soul and even light classical.

Relatively Speaking19 Nov - 3 Dec

Relatively Speaking

When Ginny goes to the home of her much older lover to end their relationship and to retrieve some compromising letters, she is secretly followed by her current partner, Greg, who believes she is going to visit her parents! The outcome in this classic early Ayckbourn is a comedy of mistaken identity and failing relationships; hilarious but with a typically darker streak.

A Christmas Carol3 - 17 Dec

A Christmas Carol

This sparkling adaptation of Dickens’ popular Christmas story relates Scrooge’s encounter with the spirits. The old miser comes to realise there is more to life than being mean and miserable and that a kind heart and a little generosity makes the world a happier place for everyone.

A Christmas Wassail @ Highbury Hall 201612 & 13 Dec

A Christmas Wassail @ Highbury Hall 2016

Come together this December with The Crescent's Christmas collaboration - The Wassail in the splendour of Highbury Hall; an evening of festive fun, Christmas comedy and seasonal song.

A Christmas Wassail 201618 - 20 Dec

A Christmas Wassail 2016

Begin your Christmas celebrations in the best way possible way with the Crescent's ever-popular Wassail - a show with enough Christmas spirit to last all year!

Frankenstein28 Jan - 11 Feb


Nick Dear’s 2011 adaptation of Mary Shelly’s classic novel is a thrilling, deeply disturbing gothic tale.
Cast out into a hostile world, meeting cruelty wherever he goes, Frankenstein’s creature – childlike in innocence, grotesque in form – learns the ways of humans: how to ruin, how to hate, how to debase and finally, how to lie. A moving exploration of scientific responsibility and of the very nature of good and evil.

Mary Shelley29 Jan - 11 Feb

Mary Shelley

Edmundson’s compelling drama deals with an episode in the early life of Mary Shelley. Exploring her meeting and elopement, aged 16, with the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley and the consequences for her dysfunctional family – particularly her father, radical philosopher William Goodwin. The play examines key issues of early 19th century society and provides a context for her writing of the remarkable 'Frankenstein'.

Visiting Companies

Derek Ryan - This is Me29 Sep

Made of Gold Entertainment Ltd

Derek Ryan - This is Me

Derek Ryan’s rise to become one of the biggest stars of Irish Country music has been phenomenal. In just over five years few artists have made such an impact on the Irish country scene like the Co. Carlow singer songwriter. Having played to sell out concert audiences around the world with Irish boyband D-Side, the young heartthrob has brought a distinctive fresh sound to Irish country.

Lady Gregory29 Sep - 1 Oct

The Crescent Theatre Company

Lady Gregory

The Crescent Theatre Company Presents
Maura Judges

In Phil Mason’s “Lady Gregory” Isabella Augusta, Lady Gregory, recalls the great moments of her life, from her position of wealth, her loves and losses to her passion for the history and folklore of Ireland. Working with W. B. Yeats and J. M. Synge she co-founded Dublin’s celebrated Abbey Theatre which opened with her own play “Spreading the news” on December 27th 1904. Folklorist, dramatist and theatre manager, George Bernard Shaw described her as being “the greatest living Irishwoman”

The Harbinger of Hussain1 Oct

Ridhayatullah Theatre

The Harbinger of Hussain

PART I is the historical account of Muslim ibn Aqeel, an individual living in 7th Century CE who served as a selfless emissary to deliver a message of peace and unity to lands in Mesopotamia against all odds. The message was written by Imam Hussain, who took a stand against social injustices, discrimination on faith grounds and intolerance when nobody else dared to. His letter invited people of all backgrounds to join him in bringing about unity and interfaith harmony.

PART II focusses on the three sons of Muslim ibn Aqeel who stood for the same virtues as their father in supporting Imam Hussain before meeting a similar fate. Their resolution in dedicating their lives for the cause of good presents young people and children with a resolve to value steadfastness, patience and Godliness in testing times of the present day.

Operation Drawstring Fundraiser3 Oct

Basement Noise

Operation Drawstring Fundraiser

Basement Noise present a night of acoustic music in aid of local charity, 'Operation Drawstring'.
Following on from last years success, Operation Drawstring will once again be bringing some Christmas cheer to the homeless community of Birmingham, by handing out drawstring bags filled with necessities, as well as some seasonal items.

Ocean Film Festival 20165 Oct

Snowline Media Ltd

Ocean Film Festival 2016

The Ocean Film Festival showcases the world’s most amazing ocean films from above and below the water’s surface - letting you immerse yourself in the wonders of the ocean without getting your feet wet!

Reel Rock Film Tour 20166 Oct

Snowline Media Ltd

Reel Rock Film Tour 2016

This year's Reel Rock Tour cranks it up to 11 with the newest and best collection of adventure and climbing films on offer! Get ready to embark on an arctic big wall expedition, see some of the world's best young climbers setting new climbing standards, set off on a multi-year journey to scale the world’s hardest alpine crack - and much more!
This year's five films will leave you white knuckled as you embark on a global expedition with some of today's most talented and foolhardy adventurers!

7 Oct

Kerry Clairvoyant

An Audience With Kerry Clairvoyant: When Heaven Calls

Messages given Past, Present & Future from loved ones in the World of Spirit.
Bring along a photograph of a past loved one for a chance of a photograph reading or fill in a question card for a chance to have your question answered.
Please note messages are given at random so no message is guaranteed.
This show is for entertainment purposes only!

UFE European Championships - Prejudging8 Oct

Ultimate Fitness Events

UFE European Championships - Prejudging

Come and be awed and inspired as some of the top fitness and bodybuilding competitors from the UK and around Europe converge in Birmingham for the UFE World Championships. Watch as competitors in different categories vie for a chance to compete at the UFE World Championships in Toronto, Canada.

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