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One Man Two Guvnors22 - 29 Sep

One Man Two Guvnors

Richard Bean’s hilarious adaptation of Carlo Goldini’s 18th century play is set in Brighton, 1963.

Bumbling Francis Henshall, sacked from a skiffle-band and permanently hungry, becomes separately employed by two men: Roscoe Crabbe, a gangster, and the ‘privately educated’ criminal, Stanley Stubbers. Francis is desperate that neither master should know about the other!

Larger-than-life characters create sub-plots verging on the absurd, as confusion is piled on confusion in this fast-paced spectacle of slap-stick, songs and brilliant one-liners!

Breaking The Code6 - 13 Oct

Breaking The Code

Moving back and forth in time, Whitemore’s play charts the life of the brilliant young mathematician, Alan Turing. His work at Bletchley Park in breaking the German ‘Enigma Code’ indisputably changed the course of the Second World War; after the war his pioneering work on computer science continued - earning him the title of ‘The Father of Modern Computing’.

The play intertwines key moments of Turing’s work with episodes in his private life – a life suddenly made humiliatingly public. Having made little attempt to disguise his sexuality, Turing was convicted on the criminal charge of ‘gross indecency’.

A compassionate, amusing and ultimately tragic play!

Romeo and Juliet3 - 10 Nov

Romeo and Juliet

A chance encounter between two young people from warring families leads first to love, then to murder and suicide. Romeo is in love with Rosaline and Juliet is promised to Paris but when they meet at a party their lives, and those of the people around them, change course with tragic consequences.

Set over four days in the heat of an Italian summer, this fast-paced, contemporary production brings Shakespeare's famous love story vividly to the stage.

Alice In Wonderland4 - 15 Dec

Alice In Wonderland

Chasing an anxious rabbit with a pocket watch, young Alice begins an adventure in which she discovers the weird and magical world of Wonderland. As she tries to make her way through this mad, upside-down world - assisted by a host of colourful and incredible characters - things become “curiouser and curiouser!”.

10 & 11 Dec

A Christmas Wassail 2018 @ Highbury Hall

Begin your Christmas celebrations in the best way possible with the Crescent's ever-popular Wassail - a show with enough Christmas spirit to last all year!

A Christmas Wassail 2018 @ Hartlebury Castle15 Dec

A Christmas Wassail 2018 @ Hartlebury Castle

Begin your Christmas celebrations in the best way possible with the Crescent's ever-popular Wassail - a show with enough Christmas spirit to last all year!

A Christmas Wassail 201816 - 18 Dec

A Christmas Wassail 2018

Begin your Christmas celebrations in the best way possible with the Crescent's ever-popular Wassail - a show with enough Christmas spirit to last all year!

2 - 9 Feb

The Seagull

Christopher Hampton’s translation of Chekhov’s comedy masterfully captures the romantic and artistic conflicts of a group of artists, intellectuals, and socialites summering in the house and gardens of Pyotr Sorin’s Russian country estate.

Through biting and witty dialogue, the play tells the story of Konstantin Treplev, a young writer striving to create new theatrical forms, and his disapproving mother Arkadina, a famous actress. His mother’s closeness to her younger lover Boris Trigorin, a famous and well-loved novelist, only exacerbates Konstantin’s insecurities and feelings of inferiority.

Visiting Companies

Harbinger Final Quest 30 Sep

R Theatre

Harbinger Final Quest

Harbinger Final Quest - Quays ibn Mush'ir is the historical account of Quays ibn Mush'ir, an individual living in the 7th Century CE who served as a selfless emissary to deliver a letter of peace, love and unity to lands in Mesopotamia against all odds. The letter was written by Hussain, who took a stand against social injustices, discrimination on faith grounds and intolerance when nobody else dared to. His letter invited people of all backgrounds to join him in bringing about unity and interfaith harmony.

Remembrance | The Four Seasons1 Oct

New English Ballet Theatre

Remembrance | The Four Seasons

A visual and musical feast of passion, hope and remembrance in a brand new ballet double bill.

In commemoration of the Armistice comes Wayne Eagling’s new ballet Remembrance set to Handel’s masterpiece Ode to St Cecilia’s Day, based on the life of Dame Marie Rambert during the Great War. A hugely influential figure on the British and international ballet scene, we follow her whirlwind romance with Ashley Dukes and her anguish at their separation as he is called back to the battlefield.

Vivaldi's The Four Seasons dynamically recomposed by Max Richter forms the musical foundation for choreographer Jenna Lee’s bold, stylish ballet, skillfully offset by dazzling costume designs representing each season.

Sherlock Holmes: The Curse of the Sign of Four4 - 6 Oct

All & Sundry

Sherlock Holmes: The Curse of the Sign of Four

When Mary Morstan's father goes missing on his return to England from Bombay she receives a curious note with a strange sign written on it.

She enlists the help of Sherlock Holmes who slowly unravels the the mystery which involves, intrigue, stolen treasure and ultimately murder!

Take Me Back 7 Oct

Straight To Audience Productions

Take Me Back

Take Me Back tells the story of two young girls, Patricia and Andrea, whose friendship was formed and forged whilst attending church with their mothers, but whose life experiences led them down different, separate and painful paths, only for them to return to the church and faith of their childhood.

15 Oct

Nicki Kelly

Nicki Kelly EP Launch

Nicki Kelly will be performing in The Crescent Theatre Bar

17 - 20 Oct

Royal Birmingham Conservatoire Theatre Company

Howard Katz

Howard Katz, aggressive Jewish showbiz agent of C-list celebrities, has hit fifty and a major mid-life crisis. Traced through darkly comic and almost dream-like flashbacks we witness the story of the mighty Katz, a man in freefall, while he determinedly clings to life.

RUSH Featuring the J A Reggae Band 19 Oct

The Rush Theatre Company

RUSH Featuring the J A Reggae Band

RUSH follows the exciting development and influence of Reggae music and how it took the world by storm. Join The RUSH Theatre Company as they tell the extraordinary story of hopeful migrants, seeking a better life in the Motherland, as they board the SS Empire Windrush and set sail from the port of Kingston, Jamaica - bringing their music with them.

With a good dose of nostalgia and all the fun of the party, there is limbo, djembe drumming and laughter and slamming sounds. The show tells a thrilling tale of a music which came to define the soundtrack for generations.

20 Oct

Fitness Universe Inc

2018 Musclemania Ms. Bikini UK

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