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Scorched Earth22 Jul

Scorched Earth

In times past, after the harvest, farmers would burn any residue crops, weeds, vermin and the result was a field of scorched earth cleansed ready for new crops.

The selection of music and words reflect the effects of war from Agincourt to the present day. From the glorification of war to the despair and sadness felt by those left behind or damaged by war – all is covered to some extent in the production, often with some degree of humour. The programme includes traditional and contemporary songs but also includes some traditional music to which words have been written by modern authors.

The 39 Steps8 - 15 Sep

The 39 Steps

In 1915 John Buchan’s tale of treachery, spies, dastardly deeds and survival at all odds was published. In 1935 Alfred Hitchcock directed his film adaptation that moves rapidly from music hall, misty London streets, the Highlands of Scotland, and ultimately to the mysterious Thirty Nine Steps themselves via suspenseful train journeys, all manner of daring-do and a cast of thousands. In 2005 Patrick Barlow presented his rewrite using only a cast of four and a few suitcases. Ingenious, breathtakingly energetic, side-splittingly funny, it is a brilliant opening to The Crescent’s new season.

One Man Two Guvnors22 - 29 Sep

One Man Two Guvnors

Richard Bean’s hilarious adaptation of Carlo Goldini’s 18th century play is set in Brighton, 1963.

Bumbling Francis Henshall, sacked from a skiffle-band and permanently hungry, becomes separately employed by two men: Roscoe Crabbe, a gangster, and the ‘privately educated’ criminal, Stanley Stubbers. Francis is desperate that neither master should know about the other!

Larger-than-life characters create sub-plots verging on the absurd, as confusion is piled on confusion in this fast-paced spectacle of slap-stick, songs and brilliant one-liners!

Breaking The Code6 - 13 Oct

Breaking The Code

Moving back and forth in time, Whitemore’s play charts the life of the brilliant young mathematician, Alan Turing. His work at Bletchley Park in breaking the German ‘Enigma Code’ indisputably changed the course of the Second World War; after the war his pioneering work on computer science continued - earning him the title of ‘The Father of Modern Computing’.

The play intertwines key moments of Turing’s work with episodes in his private life – a life suddenly made humiliatingly public. Having made little attempt to disguise his sexuality, Turing was convicted on the criminal charge of ‘gross indecency’.

A compassionate, amusing and ultimately tragic play!

Romeo and Juliet3 - 10 Nov

Romeo and Juliet

A chance encounter between two young people from warring families leads first to love, then to murder and suicide. Romeo is in love with Rosaline and Juliet is promised to Paris but when they meet at a party their lives, and those of the people around them, change course with tragic consequences.

Set over four days in the heat of an Italian summer, this fast-paced, contemporary production brings Shakespeare's famous love story vividly to the stage.

Alice In Wonderland4 - 15 Dec

Alice In Wonderland

After tumbling down a dark rabbit hole chasing after an anxious rabbit with a pocket watch, young Alice begins an adventure in which she discovers the weird and magical world of Wonderland. Things will surely become “curiouser and curiouser!” for Alice as she tries to make her way through this upside down world, assisted (and sometimes threatened!) by a host of colourful and strange characters.

Join The Crescent Theatre this winter as we take you on a journey that will thrill, fright and work your imagination upside down and backwards. The only thing you have to remember is that ‘we’re all mad here!’.

A Christmas Wassail 2018 @ Highbury Hall10 & 11 Dec

A Christmas Wassail 2018 @ Highbury Hall

Come together this December with The Crescent's Christmas collaboration - The Wassail in the splendour of Highbury Hall; an evening of festive fun, Christmas comedy and seasonal song.

A Christmas Wassail 2018 @ Hartlebury Castle15 Dec

A Christmas Wassail 2018 @ Hartlebury Castle

Come together this December with The Crescent's Christmas collaboration - The Wassail in the splendour of Hartlebury Castle; an evening of festive fun, Christmas comedy and seasonal song.

Visiting Companies

19 Jul

Mutiny In The Park

James Smith - Live & Uncensored

Rat Pack is Back27 Jul

Des Coleman

Rat Pack is Back

The hit tribute show 'THE RAT PACK' perfectly captures not only the wonderful music and comedy of the original legends, but also the remarkable personalities of the stars who truly ruled the entertainment world.

These guys not only sing like their heroes, when on stage they physically resemble them, share their unique mannerisms and even talk like they are at the Sands taking part in the summit.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

28 - 29 Jul

Bollywood Dreams Dance Academy


Bollywood Dreams Dance return with their annual show.

BNBF Midlands' Qualifier12 Aug

British Natural Bodybuilding Championships

BNBF Midlands' Qualifier

The BNBF Midland Championships, a highlight in the BNBF calendar, return to The Crescent Theatre. Who will make it to the top two places and represent The Midlands at the BNBF British Finals? Come along and make lots of noise to show your support!

West End Experience 201818 Aug

West End Experience

West End Experience 2018

After five days of intensive training with West End professional actors, choreographers, directors and musical directors, students get to perform with them in the 'Grand Finale Concert' …WITH the stars! Performing hit songs from all the biggest musicals!

Snow White & The Seven Ugly B*****ds!25 Aug

Cattle Productions Ltd

Snow White & The Seven Ugly B*****ds!

Dickey, this pantomime’s cheeky chappy, fancies getting in Snow White’s knickers! But she won’t let him have his way because he isn’t a prince! Join Cattle Productions for some rude, crude, fun and frolics, as Dickey enrols in Prince School in a bid to get his girl! Add some horrible dwarfs, an ugly old evil queen, and a couple of scantily dressed girls for no reason, in the adult panto that everyone’s talking about!

Bright Young Things30 - 31 Aug

National Youth Ballet

Bright Young Things

Inspired by the lives of extraordinary girls and boys, this mixed programme, celebrates the power of imagination and being bold, with ambition and flair.

National Youth Ballet’s programme features two pieces of classical repertoire with five fresh new commissions created for the young company by emerging choreographers.

Brilliant existing works feature Antony Dowson’s, 1950’s inspired classic Bright Young Things and Janet Kinson’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra. Alongside these will be ambitious new works including Jo Meredith’s ‘Finding Your Voice’, which is set in the 1920’s and follows the life of original “It Girl” Clara Bow; mathematician Ada Lovelace inspires Louise Bennett’s ballet Ada; WATUSI, is a bold new work from Scottish Ballet choreographer in residence Sophie Laplane and Matt Nicholson’s Another Night’s Dream, is a modern twist of Shakespeare’s much loved comedy. For the Junior Company, choreographer Emily Jane Boyle’s narrative ballet The Red Balloon follows Pascal’s life changing journey as he discovers the red balloon has a mind of it’s own.

Live at Hot Water Special1 Sep

Hot Water Comedy Club

Live at Hot Water Special


This Show will feature some of the acts that have had the most views from the regular live recorded shows.

This show features acts that have had a combined 20 million+ views over the past 6 months.


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