Tickets on sale now: Stage 2 Youth Theatre presents The Grimms

Stage 2 Youth Theatre presents

The Grimms

22 – 24 Jul in the Studio

Inspired by classic, and not so classic, fairy-tales Stage2 proudly presents The Grimms; an original play that takes inspiration from the dark, twisted nonsense of the traditional stories from the Brothers Grimm.

“Now, are your ears turned on? Are you listening? Good.

Our story begins many years ago…”

This original play draws on the rampant nonsense present in the traditional stories of the Brothers Grimm; from children who are so wilful they refuse to stay dead or the golden goose that appears from a tree stump to reward selfless behaviour.

This evening of downright tomfoolery centres around the woe-begotten family of misfits The Grimms who are faced with a dire ultimatum: get their act together or face the consequences!

After hearing the story of a child who travels into the depths of hell only to return with riches beyond imagining, the youngest of their family are inspired to do the same…

The question is, will they make it back in time?

Or even, make it back at all?