Venue: Main House

Duration: 2 hours *

Price: From £16.95

The classic tale of the soul-selling Faust is set to the greatest disco hits of the 1970s.

You'll love this trip back to the decade that brought us flared trousers, platform shoes and glitter. In Disco Inferno, the story of Faust is brought to life in an explosion of hit songs, high-energy dance routines and glitter ball-spinning action.

Three words that describe this stylised musical would be "Faust with FLARE. Disco Inferno is chock-full of the songs that defined a generation. Jack is an aspiring musician who wants nothing more than to be famous, so signing away this thing called a soul is a small price to pay. But Jack soon finds out that all that glitters isn't gold on the other side, especially if you're all out of love.

With its retro setting, Disco Inferno oozes nostalgia and inspires smiles to hustle their way onto audience members' faces.


Adult: £17.95
Child: £17.95

Family of 2 Adults & 2 Children: £64.00

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