The Crescent Theatre Company presents

Lady Windermere's Fan @ Botanical Gardens

by Oscar Wilde

6 Jul 2022

Lady Windermere's Fan @ Botanical Gardens

Venue: Botanical Gardens

Duration: 2 hours 30 mins*

Price: From £13.00

'I can resist everything except temptation.'

Lady Windermere has a happy marriage. Or, at least, that's what she believes, until one of London society's gossips, the Duchess of Berwick, arrives to voice her suspicions about an affair Lord Windermere appears to be having...

Employing the witty dialogue, social satire and outrageous paradox for which he is still remembered, Lady Windermere's Fan was Wilde's breakthrough stage hit. The play shows us the destructiveness of gossip and superficial judgement, examines the ambiguous sexual morality and gender politics at the heart of the British ruling class, while simultaneously challenging our perceptions of what constitutes a 'good woman'.

Tickets available here direct from the Botanical Gardens website