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European Outdoor Film Tour 17/18

Moving Adventures Medien presents

European Outdoor Film Tour 17/18

no script. no actors. no special effects, THIS IS REAL!

5 Nov in the Main House

Anticipated running time: 3 hours
Please note this is an estimated running time and may be subject to change

Showcasing some of the best outdoor sports and adventure films of the year, EOFT brings to The Crescent the true stories of people who leave their comfort zone far behind in order to explore their personal limits again and again - whether under the hot sun of the desert or in icy crevasses.

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Since its launch in 2001, the European outdoor Film tour has been screening carefully selected outdoor sports, adventure, and travel documentaries from all over the world. Stories of real people who live their dream of outdoor adventure and give the viewer unfettered access.

THIS IS REAL. Everything is real. handmade, raw, and honest.

In over 200 hundred films, we’ve watched as world-class athletes, nonconforming dropouts, odd couples, and every-day adventurers fail miserably or experience thrilling highs. We’ve followed them to the far corners of the earth and have discovered the (im)possible facets of outdoor sports.

The individual stories and adventures differ every year, but the realness endures. This year is no exception with some of the most inspiring, compelling, and heartbreaking films whose unifying themes are wild places, human resilience, and risking it all.

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Tickets: £13

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