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Dealers Choice

The Crescent Theatre Company presents

Dealers Choice

This perfomance contains Strong Language | Suitable for ages 16+

by Patrick Marber

25 Jan - 1 Feb in the Studio at 7.45pm | Matinees: Sun 26 Jan & Sat 1 Feb at 2.45pm

Anticipated running time: 2 hours, 15 minutes
Please note this is an estimated running time and may be subject to change

Frankie has an open ticket to Vegas. Sweeney has a dilemma... in or out?

Carl has debts, but a possible lifeline in ‘friend’ Ash. Stephen has all the cards, it seems. But gambling – and friendship – can be a mug’s game… "play the man, not the cards

Patrick Marber’s critically acclaimed first play

Director: Andrew Smith

Set Design: Sonia Chopra


Stephen - Dave Hill
Sweeney - Mark Grady
Mugsy - Mark Payne
Frankie - James David Knapp
Carl - Andrew Elkington
Ash - Phil Rea


Production Assistants -Andrew Crocker & Jen Davis
Stage Manager - Sue Haynes
Lighting Design - Chris Briggs
Sound Design - David Griffiths
Costume Design - Pat Brown
Properties - Brian Wilson, Lucy Mulgrew & Madeleine Bigland
Poker Consultant - Liam Farrington
Set Construction - Keith Harris, Sonia Chopra, Colin Judges, Richard Constable & Faye Rowse

"Really enjoyable play & the six guys all contributed to a solid story line. Some fabulous moments with the humour sitting comfortably on the surface whilst the heavyweight (individual) stories bubbling, but never lost, just below. Well written & very well performed. So good, I'm coming again! Mugsy (Mark Payne) was exceptional & I particularly enjoyed the 'snickers' exchange between Mugsy & Ash in the First Act. Very funny." DK

"Dealer's Choice - fantastic and hilarious. It really deserves a bigger audience! So many great lines in it, too." TD

"Congratulations to the Dealers Choice cast. Absolutely amazing performance from all involved, a stunning and hilarious show that left me in stitches." Terrific! MJ

"Would highly recommend Dealer's Choice - saw the matinee and it is well worth a watch. Fast-paced, funny and tense. Congratulations to all involved!" DG

"A brilliant production with some wonderful acting from the cast. The set was great too, liked the design of the steps as playing cards. Performances that stood out were from Mark who played Mugsy, James who played Frankie and David who played Stephen. Wonderful characterisations and detailed performances. I recommend anyone who's after a good laugh, to wash away the Christmas blues to go and see this!" anon.

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Running Time: 2 hours 15 minutes (includes a 20 minute interval)

Tickets: £11 | £10 Concessions | Sunday Matinee only: £6.00

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