Theatre Event

Painting Clouds

Lilli Lehmann presents

Painting Clouds

26 - 28 Apr in the Studio

This production contains strong language, stroboscopic lighting effects, violent scenes and Restricted to over 10s.

Imagine this: Your life is more or less perfect.
Until you find yourself at the wrong place, at the wrong time.
And you crash. Hard.
Suddenly, everything changes. You mistrust others.
The guilty party plays innocent and no one believes you.

What would you do?

M. is in hospital, recovering from a terrifying incident. It isn’t until we meet B., whom M. recognizes as the one who caused the incident that we see M.’s hopelessness turning into boiling rage. Especially, when no one believes M., the hate becomes all-consuming.

Will you stay in the dark, or triumph over your deepest, darkest fear?
And can you trust M.’s perception of the events? Or should you make up your own mind about what happened?

Painting Clouds will challenge your perception of different cultures and questions over how fear brings out the worst in us.


Adult: £10.50

Senior (60+): £8.50

Student: £8.50

Child (U16): £7.00

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