Theatre Event

The Tempest by Stage 2

Stage2 presents

The Tempest by Stage 2

by William Shakespeare

17 - 20 Apr in the Main House

Anticipated running time: 1 hours, 30 minutes
Please note this is an estimated running time and may be subject to change

An endless source of mystery and fascination to audiences, actors, students, poets, philosophers alike, The Tempest has been performed in more different ways and genres than any other work in the cannon, if not the world.

It is ideal for ‘Stage2 style’ plot twists and changes of characters’ sex, making it not only a perfect first play, but an inspiring production for those studying the text (as it will inspire discussion and debate). Is it a pantomime, a fairy tale, a love story, an adventure, an allegory, a moral tale, or actually an elaborate game of chess? How much do we see mystical magic and how much skilled illusion? Is Prospero an Icarus or a Faustus? Who has the upper hand in this ‘brave new world’ - the native islanders or the educated voyagers? Where are our sympathies and do we know why?

Physical action, slapstick comic routines, marvelous language, elegance, earthiness, deep sadness and conniving manipulation morph the story and drive the characters through a maze of increasing complexity, clashing fantasy and reality.

Stage2 youth theatre has a long established history of presenting clear, accessible (and 5 star) Shakespearian productions with dynamic casts of over 100 young people, and this show will be no exception. ‘A team of talent, sublimely declining to put a foot wrong…. a first night standing ovation, then yet again Stage2 sent its audience home in grateful and heady disbelief, although old hands among the patrons know that this happens every time.’ Behind the Arras. After last year’s deep and dark Romeo and Juliet, here is a colourful show that all ages will enjoy (at least once the storm has settled….!)

Tickets: £9, No concessions

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