Theatre Event

The History Boys

The Crescent Theatre Company presents

The History Boys

by Alan Bennett

7 - 14 Sep in the Main House

Anticipated running time: 2 hours, 30 minutes
Please note this is an estimated running time and may be subject to change

A group of 1980s Grammar School history pupils prepare for their Oxbridge entrance exams under the guidance of their eccentric tutor.

Set in the fictional Cutlers' Grammar School Sheffield in the 1980s the play follows a group of history pupils preparing for their Oxford and Cambridge entrance exams under the eccentric guidance of Douglas Hector who delights in knowledge for its own sake. Sadly the headmaster is more concerned with the school moving up the academic league tables.

The award winning and hugely successful play for which we have been waiting two years.

This show contains adult themes and strobe effects

Directed By Ian Moule


Fiona - Charlotte Cooley
Dakin - Robert Dean
Akthar - Luke Grant
Mrs Lintott - Annie Harris
Scripps - David Harvey
Crowther - Will Jefford
Posner - Michael Jenkins
Director - Andrew Lowrie
Hector - Alan Marshall
Timms - Gwill Milton
Irwin - Mark Payne
Lockwood - Scott Richards
Rudge - Dominic Thompson
Headmaster - Brian Wilson


Assistant Designer - Michaela Butler
Production Assistants - Tina Cartwright, Jo Phillips & Jackie Blackwood
Stage Manager - Alan Bull
Asst Stage Managers - James Booth, Lucy Mulgrew
Lighting Design - Kevin Middleton
Lighting Operator - Zoe Carrico
Sound Design - Hamish Gilling
Sound Operator - Jack Tustin
Costume Design - Pat Brown, Vera Dean & The Sewing Team
Properties - Madeleine Bigland & Andrew Lowrie
Musical Supervision - Gary Spruce
Flies - Ray Duddin, Gillie Churcher, Barry M Dudley & James Booth
Set Construction/Painting - Keith Harris, Phil Parsons, Michaela Butler, Richard Constable, David Harvey, Dominic Thompson, Judy O’Dowd & Ray Duddin

Tickets: £14 | £13 Concession | Sunday Matinee only: £8

"A superb production, at least as good as the professional performance of this play we saw a few years ago. We enjoyed it enormously. Thank you to everyone involved." M.S.

"Just spent a fabulous evening watching The History Boys at The Crescent Theatre in Birmingham. Come and see it. You'll be sorry if you don't." T.C.

"To all of you out there go and see The History Boys at The Crescent Theatre in Bham its absolutely brilliant. Brilliant performances from each and every one of the cast." W.C.

"A fabulous opening night for our new season. The History Boys is very entertaining, swinging easily between hilarity and acute poignancy, and the 2nd Act curtain raiser is a pure coup de théatre! Don't miss!" C.S.

"Awesome production of The History Boys at The Crescent Theatre! Well Done to everyone" S.D.

"Excellent production very enjoyable. Theatre fine car park [sic] at back so no problems. Enjoyed all of it. The boys were fantastic."

"The Crescent Theatre in Birmingham is now presenting Alan Bennett's "The History Boys". First night was tremendous. The best show in town. You'd be mad to miss it. Five star entertainment." I.W.

"Excellent production from stage design, lighting, music - really enjoyed this intimate theatre. The young actors were superb - very professional and believable throughout." L.O.

"Fantastic production, amazing from entry into the theatre to leaving at the end. A totally amazing piece of theatre from start to finish, riotously funny to stunningly poignant. Theatre was very welcoming. The set was really clever and the acting was masterful."

"A brilliant and original interpretation of a fascinating and challenging play. It was suitably thought provoking, hilarious and tragic. A really exciting theatrical evening! Supremely impressive performances from both "boys" and "adults". Entirely convincing characterisation individually, and dynamic ensemble pieces." E.M.

"The production was seamless and slick. The actors delivered their lines to perfection and good use was made of all of the set. Hector was remarkable and so well played by Alan Marshall. The boys, particularly David Harvey all held their own on the stage and the humour throughout the production was a delight. The improvisation was fabulous... I won't spoil it by revealing... You just need to get along to it!"

"Excellent. The ensemble playing was very good. The set too was striking, simple, versatile and beautifully finished. All the performances were good. Annie Harris and Dominic Thompson were particularly impressive." A.B.

"What an excellent production in a theatre where you can actually see the performers expressions rather than a distant blur. The whole experience was fab."

"What a fantastic production of this play. As an audience we rolled from belly laughter to silent reflection within the same minute. The cast were amazing, bring all the characters to life no matter their faults. Great use of stage and props, always something new happening. The music of the 80's bought back many school memories. Well done. The size of the auditorium allowed the audience to feel part of the process. Very thought provoking. Why do we send our children to school? Great little theatre, first visit." A.P.

"The production was very well executed and the characters were acted perfectly! I went to see it with my fellow Year 11 classmates and teaching staff, we all thoroughly enjoyed the evening! I wish I could see it again. The set on stage was brilliant with all the key words which you could pick out when they were said by the actors." A. age 15

" This was a really impressive, professional presentation of this now-classic play. Virtually seamless, superbly directed and produced, and an excellent cast, with some outstanding performances."

" I really enjoyed this production! I don't go to the theatre much, as I often find it a bit dull, and I've never been to Crescent theatre before but I'm definitely going again. It's a really intimate space so I felt really involved. The acting was top-notch with some great classroom scenes in particular and my friends and I had a brilliant night! The set was really impressive for such a small area and the space was used really effectively to represent the various parts of the school. The 'boys' were really well cast: great comic timing and good singing voices too!"

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