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Romeo and Juliet - CTC 2013

The Crescent Theatre Company presents

Romeo and Juliet - CTC 2013

Approximate Running Time: 3hrs 15minutes (Includes a 20 Minute Interval)

by William Shakespeare

5 - 16 Nov in the Main House at 7.30pm | Matinees: Sun 10 & Sat 16 November at 2.30pm

Anticipated running time: 1 hours, 30 minutes
Please note this is an estimated running time and may be subject to change

There will be an After Dark discussion following the 19:30 performance on Fri, 15th Nov. Free to ticket holders.

Two warring families. Two young people deeply in love.

Can their love survive the bitter hatred and macho belief that only violence and the sword can put things right? We all know the answer, but what a journey!

"An excellent production. Outstanding performances from Juliet, Lord and lady Capulet, Mercutio and the nurse. The ensemble was vibrant and entertaining and conveyed the mood of the crowd scenes superbly. Lord Capulet's affair and Lady Capulet's superb portrayal of repressed emotion set the background for Juliet's home life and contrasted with the loving relationship with the Nurse beautifully portrayed by both. The scene between Juliet and her mother the night before the wedding was very moving. The excellent dynamics between the members of the ensemble in the opening scene and party scene." anon

"A wonderful production! My daughter loved Juliet and the Nurse. I thought Mercutio was electric and commanded the stage! Great setting and loved the music, took me back! Hope to see it again!" anon

"This was a fantastic production of Shakespeare's play. We thoroughly enjoyed it as all the actors and actresses performed brilliantly; their roles were dynamic and believable. Lord and Lady Capulet's strained relationship was fantastically portrayed. Superb acting. I loved this production, so much so, I will be taking the children I teach to see it!!" M

"An interesting & enjoyable portrayal of the play. Fantastic cast who helped to make the play understandable for my 10 year old son. Plenty of talking points. [I] enjoyed the setting & idea that all [were] friends as children etc." anon

"I thought the production and venue were wonderful. I loved the set design which was so obviously themed. I thought the whole production had great energy throughout and moved very quickly for what is a very wordy play. My daughter particularly liked Romeo and I too enjoyed seeing a portrayal whose energy pushed the first act along. I thought the dynamic of the Capulet house lent very kindly to Juliet's who incidentally was lovely. Fantastic theatre." anon

"I was wowed by the ambition and energy of the production. It was fabulous to see a fresh and thrilling production of this well loved story. This young cast gave us a really enthusiastic yet sensitive performance. The choreography of the ensemble scenes was energetic and engaging. The youthful exuberance of Benvolia, Mercutio, Romeo and Juliet was beautifully portrayed. The bawdy conversations were finely balanced with persuasive emotion and affection. The music and video threaded through the production gave us another layer of emotion and added to the thrill of the finale." J.A.

"What a fantastic and original production of Romeo & Juliet. I was enthralled by the whole thing with the two leads both equally fantastic. The actor playing Romeo was especially exciting, seeing him go through the roller coaster of falling in love and then having to run away from where he wants to be had me on the edge of my seat rooting for him and Juliet to have a happy ending even though I knew the outcome. I've seen a few productions of this play in my time and found his portrayal to be original and refreshing. And again, the actress playing Juliet had me believing everything she was saying and helped me to invest in the story. The rest of the cast too were brilliant, appearing to be so in tune with one another and playing such a variety of roles. Congratulations to all involved." S.W.

"By far one of the BEST adaptations of Romeo and Juliet I have seen, great set, costume, music and lighting...and stunning performances from Lady Capulet, Lord Capulet and the Nurse; I enjoyed the relationship and scenes between Nurse and Juliet, but. Nothing can come close to an explosive and goosebumping performance of mercutio. He controlled the stage and performed with such passion and power, also he's relationship between Benvolia was beautiful to watch. BY FAR the best performer in the show. Overall it was great show with energy and good talent." G.S.

Approximate Running Time: 3hrs 15minutes (Includes a 20 Minute Interval)

Director: Kate Owen

Set Designer: Kami Anderson & Keith Harris

Lighting Designer – James Booth

Cast List

Juliet - Hannah Kelly
Romeo - Andrew Elkington
Friar Laurence – Les Stringer
Mercutio – James David Knapp
Benevolia – Eleanor O’Brien
Araham/Ensemble – James Lewis
Balthasar/Ensemble – Krishna Kant
Prince – Peter Smith
Capulet – Tom Fitzpatrick
Lady Capulet – Taylor Howson
Nurse – Paula Tombs-Wall
Paris - Alex Parkinson
Montague – Eduardo White
Lady Montague – Tamsen Oatey
Tybalt – Nick Turgoose
Samson/Ensemble – Nathan Blyth
Gregory/Ensemble – Nick Shelton
Friar John/Ensemble – Vinnie Clark
Apothecary/Ensemble – Jonny Wright
Rosaline/Ensemble - Faye Griffin
Capulet’s PA - Juliette Haines
Paris’s Page/Ensemble - Frances Corbett
Maid/Ensemble - Charlotte Cooley
Peter/Ensemble – Ivor Williams


First Production Assistant – Amy Findlay
Second Production Assistant – Helen Hotchkiss
Stage Manager – Nik Fleming-Gray
Assistant Stage Managers - Faye Royce & Gillie Churcher
Graffiti Design – Sophie Barras
Lighting Operators – Jake Hotchin, Pete Laver & Chris Briggs
Sound/Projection – Adrian Hooper
Costume – Pat Brown, Vera Dean & Naomi Thompson
Properties – Jack Tustin & Julie Cunningham
Hair and Make-up - Josh Norris & Lyndsey Thomas
Set Construction & Painting - Keith Harris, Phil Parsons, Kami Anderson, James Booth, Sophie Reynolds, Sidra Hussein, Sue Haynes, Faye Royce, Michaela Butler, Ray Duddin, Alan Bull, Ian Moule & Roger Cunningham.
Musical Director – Gary Spruce
Original Music Composed and Recorded by Brendan Stanley
Finale Music Composed by Erica Reed & Performed by the Company
Movement Consultant – Jo Thackwray
Language Consultants – Norman Thackwray & Liz Plumpton
Fight Directed by – Cutting Edge
Film Editing – Nick Owen
Filming – Simon Findlay

Film Cast

Many thanks to all the fabulous children who agreed to take part in the films
Young Juliet - Emillie Owen/Olivia Owen
Young Romeo - Max Courage/Ramsay Maddox
Young Mercutio - Oscar Cawthorne/ Jack Williams
Young Benvolia - Freya Leadbetter/Eloise Leadbetter
Young Tybalt - Jo Bedford
Young Paris - Ralph Cawthorne
Young Rosaline - Daisy Armstrong-Smith
Romeo and Juliet’s friends - Ruby Morais-Trigg, Scarlett Cawthorne, Molly Williams & Casey Armstrong-Smith

Special Thanks to

Tiffany Cawthorne, Nick Owen, Jasmine Armstrong-Smith and Gareth Courage for agreeing to appear in the films.

With Thanks to The Hilton Garden Inn, Brindleyplace, Birmingham for the use of their hotel for filming.

Thanks also to Matt Banwell for designing the Capulet and Montague Logo seen in the film.

Tickets: £15 | £14 Concessions | Sunday Matinee only: £8

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