Theatre Event

The Witches

The Crescent Theatre Company presents

The Witches

by Roald Dahl | Adapted for the stage by David Wood

6 - 20 Dec in the Main House 7.30pm | Matinees: Sun 7, Thu 11, Fri 12, Sat 13, Wed 17, Thu 18 & Sat 20 December 2.30pm (no perfomances Sun 14 - Tue 16 Dec)

Anticipated running time: 1 hours, 30 minutes
Please note this is an estimated running time and may be subject to change

Witches really are a detestable breed.

They disguise themselves as lovely ladies, when secretly they want to squish and squelch all the wretched children they despise.

Luckily one boy and his grandmother know how to recognise these vile creatures, but can
they get rid of them for good?

Adult Ticket: £15 | Concessions: £14 | Family Ticket: £36

Sunday Matinee Only: £8

Audience Reactions

"A very well directed production... very well portrayed and although a little dark was also balanced with a funny side too. The characters played their parts very well and we especially enjoyed the actor who played Bruno who came across as quite a character. All the witches were great and also Mrs Jenkins too. We particularly enjoyed the comedy side and the special effects."

"A short but fantastic show. Took my children to see the show and all the way home they were asking question after question abot the production. Many of the names of the actors I had not seen before so assume that this is the next generation of crescent actors and well worth looking out for. As usual the technical side was brill. I loved the giant hand and steps that had been built so that the mice looked tiny against them. The use of the back of the stage to project silluettes [sic] to the audiance [sic] was a very clever idea. Over the last few years I cannot say I have seen a bad production at the theatre and for value for money I give it 10 out of 10. This production althought it is short is just the right timespan to keep children happy. Well Done. Merry Xmas all" C.W.

"Wonderful characterisation and storytelling from the cast. Bold production with a distinctive design, atmospheric sound and lighting and carefully chosen effects. Attention to detail in the period styling throughout - great fun and silliness with darker moments, all played for real. A theatrical treat for all the family."

"This was a wonderful pacey production. The scenery and direction made the most of the story with gruesome and captivating witches and an all round excellent and watchable cast. [My children], both 7, particularly loved the boys being changed to mice and the witches hand. The grown ups loved it all and felt the scenery and use of the stage was fantastic. It's a really short show so that makes it a great choice even on a school night. Great production, thank you to The Crescent, Andrew Smith the director and all the cast and crew."

"Fantastic fun production which the whole family loved. Great visual effects and wonderful characterisation - especially the Grandma and the Grand High Witch."

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Directed By - Andrew Smith
Designed By - Keith Harris & Ina Krombholz

Original Illustrations - Ina Krombholz
Lighting Design - James Booth
Sound Design - Kevin Middleton
Special Effects - Chris Briggs
Costume Design - Pat Brown & Vera Dean
Properties - Andrew Lowrie & Jack Tustin
Masks Created By - Colin Judges
Choreography - Jo Thackwray & Charles Fulford
Original Music - Erica Avery
Make-Up & Prosthetics - Sue Bedford & Students of UCB


Boy - Sam Malley
Grandma Michaela Redicam & Zena Forrest
Bruno Jenkins - Matthew Vaughan
Grand High Witch - Marion Geoffray
Assistant To The Grand High Witch - Zena Forrest & Parminder Matharu
Mr. Jenkins - Rahim Galia
Mrs Jenkins - Lydia Turner


Chris Collett
Ellie Moldrik
Sarah Ridgeley
Molly Hines
Julie Cunningham


Production Manager - Jackie Blackwood
Production Assistant - Kristen Peters & Reo Ebuck
Stage Manager - Sue Haynes & Alan Bull
Assistant Stage Manager - Lucy Mulgrew
Stage Crew - Ray Duddin, Tim Francis, Graham Comley, Tony Daniels, Gillie Churcher, Jack Tustin & Kenny Holmes
Set Construction - Phil Parsons, Keith Harris, Tony Daniels, Ina krombholz, Melissa Brett, Sue Haynes & Judy O'Dowd
Lighting Operations - James Booth, Corrie Paxton, Jack Tustin & Kenny Holmes
Sound Operations - Kevin Middleton, James Booth, Andrew Smith, Jack Tustin 8 Lucy Horner
Special effects - Chris Briggs
Operations - Peter Laver
Assistant Costume Design - Jo Thackwray
Language Coach - Toby Davis
Arts Management Team - Ian Moule

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