Theatre Event

The Judas Kiss

The Crescent Theatre Company presents

The Judas Kiss

by David Hare

22 - 29 Nov in the Studio at 7.45pm | Matinees: Sunday 23 & Saturday 29 November at 2.45pm

Anticipated running time: 2 hours, 25 minutes
Please note this is an estimated running time and may be subject to change

There will be an After Dark discussion following the 19:45 performance on Fri, 28th Nov. Free to ticket holders.

The period before Oscar Wilde's trial and that just after his release, two years later, from Reading Gaol and his exile in Italy.

Tickets: £11 | £10 Concessions | Sunday Matinee only: £6.00

Anticipated Running Time: 2 hours 15 minutes

“The truth of a person is only visible through love. Love is not the illusion. Life is.”

This play contains both male and female nudity.

David Hare’s rich and sophisticated play examines the consequences of Oscar Wilde’s uncompromisingly moral position on love and loyalty.

In 1895, as a consequence of his relationship with Lord Alfred Douglas, Wilde is in danger of imprisonment for “acts of gross indecency”. He must decide whether to stay in London and accept the outcome of that decision, or to flee the country.
Two years later, Wilde is in exile in Italy where another decision is made which affects the whole of his remaining life.

The Judas Kiss is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD

Not suitable for young people below the age of 14 and smoking occurs during the performance

Audience Reactions:

"We went to the first night of The Judas Kiss and were blown away by the excellent production. The costumes and sets were stunning, and the acting was as good as any professional production, if not better. Even the minor roles were acted to perfection, and the actors playing Robbie Ross and Lord Alfred were amazing. We loved it so much we are going to see it again." Anon

"Saw a great production of 'The Judas Kiss' in the studio today; impressive performances, sumptuous set and costumes. Catch it this week if you get a chance." Anon

"It was my first time at the theatre and thought the production was simply amazing. Very professionally done. The cast played their roles with distinction, Robbie Ross (Peter Neenan) was very well played, and James David who played Alfred 'Bosie' Douglas was simple superb, a truly wonderful performance! I will definitely be visiting again. Wonderful atmosphere around the theatre." Anon

"Saw Judas Kiss this afternoon... I had also seen the West End production, which had made me angry, being such a fan of Wilde... So it was with trepidation that I saw today's production. It was lovely. Gently directed, superbly acted, I felt a higher quality of work all the way around!! Well done all!!!" J.D.

"Saw a great production of 'The Judas Kiss' in the studio today; impressive performances, sumptuous set and costumes. Catch it this week if you get a chance." T.F.

"Tonight`s performance was excellent! All characters were well cast and the performance was very well acted throughout. The intriguing life of Oscar Wilde was convincingly portrayed. The audience was entranced. David Leonard was most certainly Oscar Wilde, as was Peter Neenan as `Robbie` his devoted friend, and James Knapp as `Bosie`. A great production! We are so pleased that we purchased tickets for The Judas Kiss! Well directed. Highly recommended! Comfortable Studio and pleasant and friendly staff. Well worth our trip from Lichfield to see it." J.H.

"I saw the show on Saturday. What a fantastic show professionally performed. All the character were believable an beautifully played. The set was rather cleaver as it was completely transformed between the first and second act. Lighting was very effective and was notiicable as The Sun appeared to rise and set throughout the production. Finally the set again... What can you say about it? Fantastical piece of work from that black wall paper to the tiles on the floor. So professionally looking(must get the team to do a 60 minute makeovers on my rooms) Well done crescent, one fantastic King Lear followed by this production of Judas Kiss." C.W.

"Stunning. We thought that this must be a touring production as the acting was so professional. Hats off to those all involved in this. The acting: Actors were completely subsumed into their roles. A thoroughly enjoyable evening." Anon

"An amazing production. Top notch acting, beautiful costumes, sets and scenery. The actor playing Oscar Wilde was magnificent as he led us on a journey through two emothionally harrowing days of Wilde's life. His performance is full of confidence and generosity; sitting back and allowing all of his supporting players to have their turn to shine in the spotlight. And they all did!! Best performance and best production I've yet seen at The Crescent." Anon

"The theatre was a delight to visit for the first time, I really admire the effort that has gone into ensuring the customers can view future performance posters, gather information and also view photograpshs and previous productions! Judas Kiss was amazingly performed by all the actors, the intensitity in their performance was astonishing and the talent really was evident! Especially in the expressions and continous acting even whilst not directly invovled in the scene, most noticeable was the actor playing Robbie! The scenery and props were well thought out and provided the most perfect finish the the performance alongside all the lighting effects used. The studio was a fantastic area for this play to be performed and provided the audience with a very close, intimate experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the miniscule acting talents, from pcoket watch checking to, the pacing and the preparation of the food. This really added to the experience of being a "fly on the wall" in the studio. All of the performance was highly enjoyable! I cannot think of anything to improve either in the performance or the theatre - excellent experience and I will return for more!" Anon

"Best production I've seen in a long time! I can't believe it is only an amateur performance. Absolutely stunning acting, the actor playing Bosie was mesmerisingly brilliant. The young girl playing Phoebe was wonderful. A truly great night at the theatre!" D.P.

"Really friendly theatre with great parking. After seeing this production in the west end I was curious how this would go. I was not to be disappointed, once you take out the star factor of the west end you get a superb production which is on par. All the actors gave a very strong performance on a script which is "heavy" not boring but in dialogue but it was portrayed beautifully. Catch it while you can.." Anon

"The casting, acting and sets were very good. The quality of the production was very high and better than many I have seen at The Rep! The selection of this play was inspired. It is rarely performed and yet has audience appeal. I thought the casting was especially good. The cameo Italian actor really added to the ambience!" A.M.C.


Stewart Snape


Pheobe Cane - Rachel Cooper
Arthur Wellesley - Damien Dickens
Sandy Moffatt - Andrew Lowrie
Robert Ross - Peter Neenan
Lord Alfred Douglas - James David Knapp
Oscar Wilde - David R. Leonard
Galileo Masconi - Rory Dulku


Stage Designer - Colin Judges
Production Assistant - Rose Snape
Stage Manager - Gillie Churcher
Lighting Designer - James Booth
Sound Designer - David Griffiths
Properties - Emma Kirk & Amy Findlay
Costume - Crescent Theatre Wardrobe
Set Construction - Colin Judges, Sophie Reynolds, Richard Constable, Dave Rodgers & Luke Clift
Hair, Wigs & Make-Up - Jaqui Brooks, Tsai Lovett & UCB FDA/BA Specialist Hair & Media Make-Up Students
Assistant Stage Managers - Jo Phillips & Alan Bull


Andrew Whiteoak - At The Birmingham Rep
Craig Deeley
Stephen Harvey
Hannah Kelly
Terry Wilson
Roger Cheshire & Birmingham School Of Acting

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