Theatre Event


The Crescent Youth Theatre presents


by Laura Wade

25 - 28 Mar in the Studio at 7.15pm | Matinee: Saturday 28 March at 2.15pm

Anticipated running time: 2 hours, 15 minutes
Please note this is an estimated running time and may be subject to change

Twelve year old Alice suffers a terrible sense of loss when her older brother is run down by a car and killed.

This re-interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s classic book follows Alice into her own wonderland where Carroll’s characters help steer her toward recovery. A fascinating evening for those who love the book and possibly, an eye opener for those who don’t.

It promised to show the Crescent Youth Theatre at their very best.

DIRECTOR James David Knapp

ASSISTED BY Welsey Rolston


Alice - Colette Nooney
QueenMum - Jessica Forrest
Dad - Ben Pountney
White Rabbit - Eleanor Wilkinson
Caterpillar - Jessica Williams
Postman - Jessica Potter
DuchessAuntie - Georgia Shepherd
Commentator - Gari Hardiman
Cheshire Cat/Cousin - Jack Purcell-Burrows
Hatter - Jordan Bird
Hare - Eve Hodgson
Dormouse/Commentator - Sophia Deans
Boy - Laurenc Kurbiba
Girl - Jessica Shannon
Knave - Shanice Scrivens
Hedgehog/Wonderlander - Neve Ricketts
Flamingo - Anais Smith
Humpty/Teacher - Joe Shannon
Tweedledee/Wonderlander - Holly Mourbey
Tweedledum/Wonderlander - Laila Abbuq
Crouqet Official/Wonderlander - Laura Durham
Wonderlander - Craig Keogh


Stage Manager - Sue Haynes
Lighting Design - Chris Briggs
Assisted by - Craig Storey
Sound Design - James Booth
Set Design - James David Knapp
Costume Design - Nicki Franks, Rose Snape,
Properties - Nicki Franks
Original Music - Jack Tustin
Set Construction - James Booth, James David Knapp, Sue Haynes, Alan Bull, Nick Shelton,
Judy O’Dowd
CYT Assistance - Richard Dawes, Jonny Wright
Puppets Designed & Made by Craig Keogh

Tickets: £11 | £10 Concessions | Sunday Matinee only: £6

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