Theatre Event

The Long Road

The Crescent Theatre Company presents

The Long Road

by Shelagh Stephenson

9 - 16 May in the Studio at 7.45pm | Matinees: Sunday 10 & Saturday 16 at 2.45pm

There will be an After Dark discussion following the 19:45 performance on Fri, 15th May. Free to ticket holders.

A chip shop in London. A girl asks a boy for a pound. He refuses. High on drugs, she stabs him to death. For his family the need for revenge corrodes.

When his mother decides that the only way to halt this destructive spiral of hate is to meet the girl face to face she little realises that their initial disastrous meetings can lead to understanding and conciliation. A brilliant, thought provoking play to move and inspire.

Tickets: £11 | £10 Concessions | Sunday Matinee only £6

Audience Reactions:

"Just got back home from a great production of 'The Long Road'. I'm not gonna lie- Shelagh Stephenson's play tackles a hard subject, and isn't for those looking for 90 minutes of fun and frivolity. But the quality of acting and direction, together with a glimpse afforded the audience of how so unbearable (but not impossible) a task forgiveness is to undertake in some circumstances, makes this production essential viewing. Recommended." T.F.

"This production really deserved a bigger audience. The portrayals were excellent and the subject matter was approached wonderfully. There production was emotional and there were some lovely moments of humour. I know that there are only a couple of performances left, but this really is one to see. [I enjoyed] The performances from the cast. The effective use of lighting to focus on character and scene change."


Dan/Joe Pritchard - Harry Clarke/Liam Cobb

Mary Pritchard - Joanne Hill

Elizabeth McKellan - Danielle Spittle

John Pritchard - Roger Saunders

Emma Price - Grace Hussey-Burd


Director - Jaz Davison

Production Assistants - Kush Chahal & Les Stringer

Stage Manager - Gillie Churcher

Set Concept - Jaz Davison

Set Construction - Keith Harris

Lighting Design - Pete Laver

Properties - Emma Kirk

Sound Design - Patrick Ryan & Jaz Davison

Wardrobe - Pat Brown & Vera Dean

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