Theatre Event

Girls Like That

Stage2 presents

Girls Like That

by Evan Placey

15 - 18 Jul in the Studio at 7.45pm | Matinée: Sat 18 July at 2pm

Winner of Best New Play for Young Audiences Writers’ Guild Awards 2015.

‘These girls and I will progress through primary school together, always the same classmates, the same girls, forging long lasting friendships and the bonds of camaraderie and sisterhood. My mother would call this special, I would call this hell.’

A naked photo of Scarlett goes viral. Rumours spread across smartphones like wildfire and her reputation becomes toxic, threatening to shatter the fragile unity of the girls she has grown up with. How long can Scarlett remain silent and why isn’t it the same for boys?

‘When chickens start attacking each other, like really going for it, they can draw blood and that’s when you need to be really careful, because if they see blood the other chickens they can turn into murderers…they’ll peck the chicken to death. I think it’s maybe ‘cos a vulnerable chicken is putting the whole flock at risk. Or something.’

Evan Placey’s urgent and explosive new play explores both gender equality and the devastating impact of bullying. It looks at the pressures on today’s digital generation and the complex and contradictory choices they make in expressing themselves

‘The problem with girls like that is that their reputation is contagious.
And if you hang around girls like that it’s not necessarily that you’ll start behaving like she does – we are intelligent young women, we have minds of our own – but people will think you do. And that’s worse really.’

Tickets £10.50

An amateur production by arrangement with Nick Hern Books

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