Theatre Event

Hard Working Families

Stage2 presents

Hard Working Families

by Claire Dowie

7 - 9 Jan in the Main House @ 7:30pm | Matinee Saturday 9th @ 2pm

A response to a politician’s vision of ordinary people, this World Premiere production is set against the reality of earning a living and the way it impacts on young people’s lives.

"I earned that money."
"No you earned the right to hold it for a moment. Unless you are very rich you don’t get to keep it. You merely pass it from one rich person to the next – and in some circumstances you end up owing us money."

We follow two diverse families, one headed by a working mother who is the owner of a big clothing business and the other by a stay at home biscuit-making mum. Who is harder working? Who is worth the most? Who has the right to judge?

"Motherhood isn’t working, biscuits is a hobby."
"How much does it cost to spend time with my family?"

Last year 100 young people from Stage2 blasted open Claire’s original monologue Why is John Lennon Wearing a Skirt? to great public and press acclaim. The production was also named Best Youth Production of 2014 by NODA. It so inspired its own author that she immediately began writing a play especially for us;

‘I have watched and loved Stage2 for years. I love their exuberance, their energy, discipline and talent. The way they can take any play and make it their own. The way they can take my plays and make them better. I was completely blown away when I watched Why is John Lennon Wearing a Skirt? and I thought (when I had finally stopped clapping) I want to work with these people. I want to be involved. And I am currently doing just that and loving every minute of it!’
Claire Dowie

‘Dowie, like all true satirists is at her best when depicting what she loathes most.’
Time Out

Suitable for all ages, this production will be huge-scale, fast-moving, colourful, powerful and packed with music, energy, ideas... and children!

Tickets: £10.50

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