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Annette Gregory Sings & Celebrates Ella Fitzgerald Song Book

JazzAngelStar presents

Annette Gregory Sings & Celebrates Ella Fitzgerald Song Book

29 Feb in the Bar @ 8pm

Anticipated running time: 1 hours, 50 minutes
Please note this is an estimated running time and may be subject to change

Jazz vocalist Annette will be singing and celebrating the wonderful contribution of Ella Fitzgerald, the 'Voice of Jazz'. Annette will be singing from two of Ella's various songs books and many other albums. This will be an insightful evening of classic Jazz at its best.

Annette Gregory, jazz vocalist, and her band will be celebrating the music of Ella Fitzgerald. Annette will be touring though out 2016 with the Ella Fitzgerald tour.

Annette will be reflecting on Ella's earlier career in 1930s and moving through the decades of 1950s -1960s and the various song book albums that brought Ella Fitzgerald the right to be called the 'The first lady of song (Jazz)’ .

As one of the greatest icons of jazz, vocalist Ella Fitzgerald had a unique sound that embodies the sound of Jazz music.

Ella Fitzgerald's story was a rags to riches story, however her influence on jazz singing and her journey to become one of the most important jazz female singers is one of dedication to her craft and the art of music

Annette has recently recorded her EP living the dream; this new showcase encompasses all the magic of the music that Annette loves.


Tickets: £6

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