Theatre Event

A Fallible Lecture

Stage2 presents

A Fallible Lecture

by Brian Patten

13 - 16 Apr in the Studio @ 7:45pm | Matinee Saturday 16th @ 2pm

Anticipated running time: 1 hours, 30 minutes
Please note this is an estimated running time and may be subject to change

‘A comic history of English Literature from Geoffrey Chaucer to Kate Tempest, with most of the important ones in between!’

‘Eng. Lit was established one sunny afternoon in 1386, when a gang of people went for a walk to a place called Canterbury. They had a fantastic time, swapping dirty stories... After Chaucer English Literature dozed off until Shakespeare began writing plays about murder, mayhem and paranoid Danish princes...’

We then meet another 45 different writers in all, and in ORDER (including syllabus stalwarts and firm favourites (from Milton to Milligan and Byron to Benjamin Zephaniah). It will be a cross between The Reduced Shakespeare Company’s Complete Works, The Mechanicals from A Midsummer Night’s Dream and our Players from last year’s Hamlet. It will be fast, funny, and often completely bonkers.

‘...the later part of the Age of Reason was dominated by Alexander Pope, and little of great beauty of passion was written because everyone was going about feeling incredibly scientific and reasonable. After Pope came Samuel Johnson who compiled a dictionary, and then everyone was going about feeling ashamed – because they suddenly discovered they couldn’t spell...’

Patten’s comic musings are interspersed with pieces by the writers, giving a great overview of which writer came when, who were contemporaries of each other, and who was influenced by whom. It will be a fantastic way to learn or revise or just a great night out. Suitable for absolutely all ages, this production will be fast moving, colourful, and packed with beautiful words from Britain’s Best wordsmiths.

‘...then the ghost of Aphra Behn rose from beneath the cold flagstones of Westminster Abbey. Carol Ann Duffy came storming over the literary horizon clutching a crate of Chardonnay and disguised as Bodicia. Poetry breathed a big openhearted sigh of relief. It began dancing with the alphabet. It had become a multiracial, twin–sexed, classless Democracy of Words.’

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Tickets: £10.50

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