Theatre Event

Spoonface Steinberg

Stage2 presents

Spoonface Steinberg

by Lee Hall

13 - 16 Jul in the Studio @ 7:45pm | Matinee Saturday 16th @ 2pm

Anticipated running time: 1 hours, 30 minutes
Please note this is an estimated running time and may be subject to change

Stage2 presents a revival of their 5* production of 2009 of this award winning play about a child with cancer. Suitable for the whole family, there is an inevitable underlying sadness but also a sense of elation and overriding optimism.

‘An amazement, a play at once simple and complex, multilayered and plunges us into the puzzle of the autistic mind and makes us experience it as if it were our own.’ Financial Times

First broadcast as a dramatic monologue on BBC Radio 4 on Monday 27 January 1997, this play by Lee Hall (Billy Elliot) attracted such unprecedented popular acclaim that the BBC repeated it the following Saturday afternoon.

‘The result was astonishing: intensely moving but somehow bearable, perhaps because the little girl spoke with an innate calm wisdom which rang true as a tuning-fork. After hearing the play, an old lady phoned the producer, and thanked her for allaying her own fear of death.' Independent on Sunday

For Spoonface, autism causes her to see the world through a glass, distantly, everything is an inexplicable and entrancing jumble. This becomes a saving grace as she does not expect life to make sense – she observes her own decline with vivid flashes of detachment and serenity.

‘Superb. The company has been choreographed into a vibrant whole, quite, quite remarkable. In this startling adaptation the child is played, often just a phrase at a time by a host of youngsters. This is an evening of diction that is beautifully spoken, of pauses that are held and held... remarkably achieved by a company that shows discipline beyond its years in a triumph of teamwork.’ Evening Mail on Stage2's 2009 production.

‘Everybody is different and that is quite good indeed and that we should all be happy because to be different is to be who you are.’ Spoonface Steinberg

Tickets: £10.50

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