Theatre Event

Simone School of Dance presents

Headboards & Hoovers

22 - 23 Jul in the Main House @ 2pm & 7pm

Anticipated running time: 2 hours, 30 minutes
Please note this is an estimated running time and may be subject to change

This production contains pyrotechnic effects.

A modern ‘re-imagining’ of the classic story of ‘Bedknobs and Broomsticks’.

Three children are sent to spend their summer holidays with a Great Aunt they have never met. When they arrive, they discover that Great Aunt Eglantine is rather distracted as she tries to prevent her home from being bulldozed to make way for a new motorway. They also discover that she is studying to become a witch using an on-line college course...

When the course is suddenly cancelled, Eglantine and the children take a trip to London to claim the missing lesson. Of course, they take a very unconventional mode of transport! They meet Professor A. Brown from the College of Online Witchcraft who explains that the course had been a scam. The spells had been copied from a book and the rest of the book was missing. Therefore, in order to find the Substitutiary Locomotion spell, they would have to seek out the missing pages of the book. This leads them to the famous Portobello Road where a festival is taking place.
In amongst the dancers and performers they hunt around the second hand stalls until they find the book. However, the book does not reveal the magic words for the spell but merely directs them to seek out the Amulet of Shenghuo, on which the words are inscribed. The amulet hangs around the neck of a fire breathing dragon named Penhuo Long. At a loss as to where to find this dragon, the group are deflated until the youngest child realises that Penhuo Long is featured in an illustration in a comic.
The comic suggests that the dragon lives on a magical island called Guang Jian so, using their enchanted mode of transport, they all set off for the island. Unfortunately, their transport is a little unreliable so first they visit a land under the sea and then a planet far out in space before eventually arriving at the island of Guang Jian.
Arriving in the middle of a festival, surrounded by dancers, acrobats, entertainers and dragons, their task of tracking down Penhuo isn’t as easy as they had thought. The task of snatching the amulet would prove to be even harder! However, they are eventually successful and return home to test the spell.
Once more, they are out of luck! The amulet cannot be taken out of the magical land and evaporates as they return home. Yet again, the comic provides them with a solution and Great Aunt Eglantine is able to test out her new spell before putting it to good use and scaring off the developers for good!
Great Aunt Eglantine and Professor A. Brown decide to join forces and talents and open a School of Magic because, as we all know, there are no such things as witches and magic is just trickery and illusion and a little bit of wishful thinking!

The show opens and closes with a huge celebration of The Price and Brown School of Magic’s’ 35th Anniversary.

Tickets: £14.50

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