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19 - 22 Apr in the Studio

'They're only going to be in school for two more terms. Send them the new bloke Nixon,
he can cut his teeth on 7.Y.Y. down in's out of the way –
if they eat him or burn him alive we can forget about him....
(Mr Basford, Head of Maths, deposed star of the school's Gilbert and Sullivan productions)

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Hilarious and irreverent, poignant and gritty, Teechers is John Godber’s brilliant take on life at a modern Comprehensive, published just before he went on to write for TV's classic Grange Hill. Through their hilarious end-of-term play, three Year 11s exuberantly sketch the new drama teacher’s (very slow) progress through two terms of unruly classes, cynical colleagues, unfathomable timetables and obstructive caretakers at a tough inner city comprehensive known as Colditz at the local County Hall. Disillusioned, he departs for the safe waters of a private school, and leaves behind his students, whose youthful optimism gives way to despair.

'If you ask me they should take drama off the timetable - I mean they don't do any writing,

make as much noise as they want...waste of Education Authority's money.'

(Doug, the Caretaker, kid hater but keeper of the sacred classroom keys)

Bursting with cringeably recognisable pupils; the school bully, the kid who never does PE, those deemed average – 'Lillian opens a book well and likes a warm room', we also get an insight into the lives of their heroic and hapless teachers. The play is packed with jokes about staffroom politics, including the difficulty of new staff in finding a seat to which no-one has a claim and preferring to stand outside in the rain, and the idea of a bat phone/Ninja rescue team - the dream of many a teacher stuck in a tricky situation.

'Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think'.

(Albert Einstein, theoretical physicist and developer of the general theory of relativity)

Suitable for absolutely all ages both to be in and to watch, this production will be fast-moving, hilarious and toe-curlingly familiar with a contemporary sound track.

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