Theatre Event

Billy Liar

Royal Birmingham Conservatoire Theatre Company presents

Billy Liar

Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall

23 - 25 Feb in the Studio @ 14:30, 19:45 & 17:00

Anticipated running time: 2 hours, 30 minutes
Please note this is an estimated running time and may be subject to change

It’s Stradhoughton, West Yorkshire, and the swinging sixties are about to arrive, and if anyone can make the sixties swing, it’s Billy.


Living with his gran, his Mum and his Dad in the suburbs of the town, Billy is an undertaker’s clerk but has dreams of other lives to be lived in London and the world. His rich fantasy life helps to make his mundane life tolerable, but leads him into all kinds of difficulties, and makes life for everyone else around him quite problematic – especially his three girlfriends!

This social comedy, which made a star out of Albert Finney (and, later, Tom Courtney) is great fun but at the same time reflects the realities of lives lived in the North of England of its time. It’s a slice of sixties realism and a powerful social document as well as a highly entertaining comic masterpiece

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