Theatre Event

BNBF Midlands Championships - 2017

British Natural Bodybuilding Federation presents

BNBF Midlands Championships - 2017

13 Aug in the Main House

This production contains stroboscopic lighting effects.

The Cresent Theatre has become the venue for the BNBF Midland Championships and will be a highlight in the BNBF calendar. Who will make it to the top two places and represent The Midlands at the BNBF British Finals? Come along and make lots of noise to show your support!

BNBF Championships bring the best natural bodybuilders from all over the Midlands: men and women, teens to over 60s, all battling to see who will be crowned this year's Midlands Champion.

First Half starts at 1pm and will last around 2 hours, with the Second Half starting at 5pm and lasting approximately 3 hours 30 minutes.

The show will be a great spectacle with light, music and amazing performances. Audience support is a vital part of the event, so come and be heard let the judges know who you think should win.

Tickets: £21 (U12s: £10.50)

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